YES #AtPune now, I have shifted to Pune now to join my husband. Since June had been busy in shifting 2 houses, house hunting and settling down with new job and new place. Shifting is a delight for type A personality like me as it needs a lot of planning, organising and of course cleaning ūüėÄ ( its all in the beholders eyes after all ). Though it was hard leaving my practice in Hyd but I guess it is always a part of bigger plan.

We rented out a 3bhk in Baner where one room is suppose to be my Tarot room, apparently everything else is setup except that. My house is huge infact can have workshops at my place. It’s surrounded by Baner hill ideal for trekking and have nomads having horses, goats and other animals living nearby.

Life has changed so much! Started actually living the married life a.k.a getting UP at 7:30 am, cooking ALL meals, DRIVING to office, spending more than 9 hours in office on regular basis and regular weekend cleaning. Yeah I drive to and fro to office now and already had 2-3 minor to major accidents but all is well now.

I had been procastinating doing readings lately. Delegating my client readings to my students in Hyd. They also did 2 events in Hyderabad and will share about that in another post under Tarot Reading @ Events. Infact now my sister has more Angel decks than me and is on way to enroll for CACR course too!

So how come I am writing a post now?, Angels have mysterious ways to get work done. I had a slight right shoulder dislocation on last Saturday at New Delhi station during my post Diwali vacation. All is well now only thing I can’t drive for a while. So today on returning from office realised not having house key and am currently locked out. All of a sudden my sis pings on fb auguring me to post a blog. I took it as a sign reason being 2 days back when I got locked out ( yeah again!) in my french windows balcony, I landed up creating Heart Healing workshop event in Pune on Scheduled on 10th Feb, planning to have it from my house and do a 5 day Angel hosting before that. Hopefully Pune young crowd looking for heart healing before Valentine’s day would be interested!

So from this weekend onwards I am again starting teaching a student Tarot, setting up my Healing room and do meditation, shall share pics.

Lastly please pray for people stuck in #ChennaiFloods.















Tarot Learning Workshop – 1st to 3rd May 2015

Just back from 6 days intense Family Constellation Training from Dr Newton Kondaveti. Proud to be a part of the batch of Soul Family which was chosen as first Family Constellators. I am so much feeling the flow and in gratitude would take some time to put in words.

Meanwhile, I launched my second Tarot Learning Workshop Level 1 in Hyderabad on 1st to 3rd May. This time few changes, instead of 2 days we would be having 2 and a half days workshop. Also would be introducing 2 Tarot Meditations instead of 1 as last time also we landed having two. Last day would be inviting all previous Tarot Readers friends @ Cosmic Healing to join in group discussion, Tarot Jam session and hand on practice.

Also price is reduced to Rs 11,000/- only. Group discount would get you another Rs 1000/- discount.

Check out earlier workshop details here :


Send me a mail at and will share the complete course sessions.

“Let Tarot be a¬†guide to your day-to-day issues”



EMAIL ME or WhatsApp me or any further information @ 9985714012

Contact Us

* Venue : Madhapur || Banjara Hills
* Anyone who wants to repeat the course is welcome, reply back would let you know the charges.
Still thinking about it, find answers to all your questions in Tarot Learning FAQs

You can start your own practice and start earning within 1 month of Basic Course.

#TarotLearningHyderabad #OnlineTarotLearning #AdvancedTarotLearning #TarotReadingCourseHyderabad #OshoZenTarot #OshoZenTarotLearning.

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot


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Tarot Events @ Leading Corporate bank

Tarot Events @ Leading Corporate bank

I know I am way behind my post updated, but these days mostly I update directly on FB. But yes it not same as writing an article about it. This one if for 8th March 2015.

So two days before Valentines day I had taken off to study for my final MBA exam ( BTW I completed my MBA and would share a post about it tomorrow ) when I got call from senior person from a corporate bank ( Hint ;-), my salary account bank ) inquiring about a tarot event. Since I was at home I invited him to drop around lunch to talk things. I was using a lot of affirmation to attract a potential Valentines Day event for Tarot and was happy to see things moving. This was part of their customer engagement initiative.

We spoke and we got into such nice discussion where I had to explain “what are angels?”. After sharing my experiences etc, to a very charming non-believer, we settled for a description that the little guys who help us. ūüėÄ

We were planning for a event on Valentines day but since i had exam that day and my Angel Therapy workshop on the day after i.e. 15th Feb, things were not working out. Infact each weekend on Feb I was super busy, next weekend was travel to Vizag for a friends marriage and the week after my Tarot Learning Workshop. So eventually we settled for womens day and sent the invites.


The invitation was for couples and the response was good and I reached venue on time. The setup was as above and the clients were all top working cream of Hyderabad. In any event the first few clients set the tone of the event. Fortunately my all clients kept the ball rolling, challenging me to give deeper insight which I could provide accurately.

From Real Estate Single Tycoons, to well established married couples, I was able to predict accurately and engage into conversations which a non believer could also understand and take chance to shift perspective. The highlight was the ISB grad who had won the Bill Gates award. A combination of Ace of Fire and Ace of Swords, very young dynamic person, total atheist who actually waited for his turn almost for 2 hours. After I could met his expectation, he was amazed by my readings, called a colleague who happen to cross by to come and must get a reading done. It was a proud feeling to contribute to people who are building our societies.

As usual it got extended by 2-3 hours, but was a good experience. As I had to leave for Kolkatta in next 4 days I wasn’t able to do any followup readings. Actually I have been travelling every weekend since, came from Pune Angel Therapy workshop¬†event in morning and would be leaving for Tarot Reading , Angel Therapy Workshop, Oracle Angel Card Reading Workshop and launching workshop on Angel Abundance.

Know more about upcoming events at

Reach out to me on shubhrajain86@gmail,com or WhatsApp at 9985714012.

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Tarot Learning Workshop

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On 28 Feb and 1st April I had dream come true when with grace of God and Angels I was able to go first formal Tarot Learning Workshop. It was a great workshop with collaborative learning experience where everyone brainstormed and formed meanings of cards as a group.

This is quite different from traditional learning by book or just following rules. Though the true reason is I can’t remember rules myself :p, this unique way of learning helps to see the multi faceted cards from different dimensions. We also did a guided meditation to enter the world of Tarot and take journey inside the cards. It was great experience for many.

Each participant had deck almost two weeks before Workshop and were given 10 pre Workshop exercises to build their relationship with Tarot. So when we actually started the Workshop our level as a group was more than just a beginner. Also there were few who had been using decks on and off And could share their experiences and insights.

The group was so enthusiastic that they were able to learn not just one but two decks. Mostly people start their journey with Rider Waite deck but the reason I stressed on using one more deck and stressed on using Osho Deck was to broaden the view of Tarot, its symbol as multi disciplinary divinity tool.

Last but not least we did a loads of hands on practice with different spreads, 3 card, 5 card, situation analysis, personality prediction etc.

Woo I can go on and on. Though I am almost a month late in writing this article but it had been suppper busy lately.

Follow me on on various social media places¬†to keep up to what I am up to these days ūüôā

Interested in entering the world of Tarot.

Check out all the courses is


p style=”text-align:center;”>Also do join us on¬† for next upcoming workshop!

Contact us or email at

Once again Thankyou Archangel Gabriel for being after me to work on my dream project!


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Heart Healing Workshop

Wow I am ecstatic to finally living and fulfilling my dream of designing, conducting and doing a workshop. I finished the slide pack in about 5 hrs¬†a night before and slept only for 4 hrs. I had the perfect number of participants my fav¬†8 for this workshop too. The workshop went for almost 9 hrs, 12 hrs¬†being at the venue interacting with participants. The group of all earth angels, all had major breakthroughs and went all out to resolve their issues and connect with their heart and guardian angels. Can’t sleep still…I am on high, thought of sharing some quick points and pictures. Thank you God and Angels to help me work on dream and life purpose. Big thanks to Preeti¬†Chugh to¬†help me create this¬†…:)


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Tarot Learning Workshop – Level 1 @ Hyderabad


On high public demand launching Tarot Learning Workshop first of its kind in Hyderabad. It would be a two day workshop where all the Tarot Basics would be covered and you would learn how to do Tarot for self, near and dear ones and also take it up as a profession if you want.

Group dynamics has a different level of learning where you not only learn from the one conducting the workshop but also with your co-participants. Tarot is a great self-introspection tool and something which gets honed more you practice and more you do for others. Many of you might have already had a deck and used it also but here you would learn different aspects of Tarot and get a chance for doing for others and when those predictions would come true it will give you confidence to continue.



Send me a mail at and will share the whole course sessions for two days.

“Let Tarot be a¬†guide to your day to day issues”

When : 28 Feb to 1st March

Course Fee : Rs 12000/-

Payment Mode : Cash or Online transfer here.


BOOK your seat by paying the half amount by 11th Feb and get Rs 1000/- discount.


EMAIL ME or WhatsApp me or any further information @ 9985714012

Contact Us

* Venue to be decided based on number of participants
* Anyone who wants to repeat the course is welcome, reply back would let you know the charges.
Still thinking about it, find answers to all your questions in Tarot Learning FAQs

You can start your own practice and start earning within 1 month of Basic Course.

#TarotLearningHyderabad #OnlineTarotLearning #AdvancedTarotLearning #TarotReadingCourseHyderabad #OshoZenTarot #OshoZenTarotLearning.

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

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Affirmation to enhance intution

Each and every one of us is intuitive. That little voice inside you is quite prominent in child hood but as we ignore it slowly dies down. More you listen and follow, more strong it gets.


” Dear Higher Self, thank you for speaking loudly and clearly in peaceful ways that I easily understand. Archangel Rafael, thank you for guiding me to listen to my inner wisdom.”

#shubhstarot #thecosmichealing

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Affirmations for Positive dreams

Do you often get nightmares? Do you have sleep disorders? Are you not able to recall your dreams?

Dreams are truly mystical, we see papers before exam or meet an old friend in dreams. When we are thirsty we find ourselves searching for water in dreams also. Sometimes we sleep like baby and sometimes keep twisting and turning. Many sages have spoken about getting messages in dreams. Many have Out of Body Experiences or do Astral Travel in dreams. These days Lucid Dreaming is also becoming very popular. Hence sharing some simple tips from Angel Dreams by Doreen Virtue.

You can use affirmations to set the tone of your night journeys. As you set the positive intention you give yourself permission to unlock the deeper meanings behind your dreams. Before going go bed choose one or all of the following affirmations and repeat until you feel the positive energy in your heart.

“My dreams are always peaceful and healing.”
“My dreams are for my highest good.”
“I enjoy dreaming, as it allows me to be more creative.”
“I carry my dream potential with me into wakefulness.”

And for more powerful healing experience:
“As I step across the threshold from this world into another, I open myself to magical journeys filled with amazing possibilities.”

Also you can keep a glass of water next to you before sleeping affirming that when you drink it in morning you shall remember everything.

And if you have some recurring dreams or see some symbols repetitively, they might hold some significance or message for you. You can contact me to decipher the same.

#ShubhsTarot #Dreams #LucidDreaming #TheCosmicHealing

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Giving up what you love for someone you love might become cause of hatred tomorrow, instead do things that you hate as that will get u love and respect both…forever…

Random Thoughts

Love and Sacrifice


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Affirmation for Self Care Body

“Dear God and Archangel Raphael, please help me to care about, and for, my physical body. I wish to feel and to have vitality and energy. Please release any fears I may have about living a balanced lifestyle. Please increase my motivation to exercise, eat healthfully, and take excellent care of my physical body.
Thank you and amen”

Archangel Rafael

Archangel Rafael


Green Aventurine Angel is good for people with health concerns. There are also many crystals related to specific health issues.

#Motivation #Affirmation # Archangel Rafael Healing with Angels Oracle cards.
#cosmichealing #shubhstarot #health

Contact us :

If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a¬†‚ÄúHEALTH SPREAD‚Ä̬†reading¬†or use “Archangel Rafael Healing with Angels Oracle cards“.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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We love to here from your experience and feel free to reach out for a question in comments below.


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Launching New Advance Tarot Course


Advanced Tarot courses are for people have prior Tarot Experience of at least 1 month.

All sessions would be on weekends or long weekends only.

For detailed course details and BOOKING A SEAT call 9985714012 or email at

#TarotLearningHyderabad #OnlineTarotLearning #AdvancedTarotLearning #TarotReadingCourseHyderabad

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot


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Affirmation for Healing Job Conflicts

Dear God,

My deepest desire is to be happy while I work, and I ask Your help so that I may find peace on the job. Please help me to be understood and understanding with everyone with whom I come into contact. Please clear me of any fear that trigger relationship conflicts in the work-place. I ask that You and the angels guide me to job responsibilities and tasks that match my interests and skills. I now visualize myself feeling happy when I wake up to go work in morning, and I ask Your assistance in manifesting this vision.


Few days back I had shared an Affirmation for New Job, for those of you who want to stick around with their current job waiting for a raise, or working your way towards a promotion or just dealing with conflicts this is the affirmation you shall relate with.

So just light a red or orange candle, use below picture of cards. The cards I chose are “Passion” depicting “Archangel Haniel” of Archangel Oracle Deck and “Solar Plexus Chakra” from Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck. Solar Plexus chakra is our power center just 2 fingers above the navel. If its balanced it would be of vibrant orange color else would get muddy due to impurities. Often when we loose our power so that last card “Take Your Power Back” of¬†Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

PassionSolarPlexusChakratake back your power

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

Contact us :

If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a¬†‚ÄúJOBSSPREAD‚Ä̬†reading to analyse various career options¬†and “BLOCK SPREAD”¬†reading to understand who and what is causing these conflicts.

Also we can do ‚ÄúTarot and Affirmations‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúTarot Spells‚ÄĚ to heal¬†the job conflicts.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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We love to here from your experience and feel free to reach out for a question in comments below.


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Past Life Oracle Cards


Checkout my new deck of Past Life Oracle cards co created by two profound masters Doreen Virtue and Brain Weiss. When I had seen the pics online I was quite sceptical with earthy images, couldn’t relate with pictures. But it’s vibration is so positive and unlike they are so true.
Past few days I was using my friends deck to understand this deck while I was waiting for mine to arrive and could do accurate readings for many people. Since I am a Past Life Regression Therapist and have many friends who have seen and worked on their Past life patterns, they could validate the reading too.


Finally I can combine Tarot, Oracle and Past Life Regression knowledge.
I would be writing a Deck Review about it soon. I also shared with my friends at PLR Therapist meet and my guru my master Dr Newton who gave his blessings.

When I opened my new deck the cards were little sticky and formed 9 clusters.
So check out reading for myself , so true !



Got to go my new deck is calling me for a dream journey together.

Interested in knowing about your past lives or what most important pattern or lesson you are carrying in current life time. Contact me at

#PastLifeOracle #OracleCards #PastLifeRegression #Cosmichealing
#Gratitude #Happiness


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Affirmation for New Job

Should I go for job change or current job is better? Would I get a new job? Where, which company ? This offer or that? Should I go for better role or hike? These questions trouble all of us when we are venturing in job search. I have been through the similar process during my 4 job changes in 6 years :-). Hence, sharing the below affirmation which will help you in your quest.

“Beloved Creator, You have guided me to find a new job, and I ask Your help in noticing the doors that you are opening for me now. I ask for very clear and evident signs to guide me to a new job in which my talents and interest are used in meaningful ways. Please help me to know that I deserve a wonderful new job and ally ally any nervousness during the interview process. I ask the extra angels to boost my confidence and courage and to keep me centered in sure knowledge that you are providing for me now. Amen”

Career_Transition Tarot is a very accurate that can help you to analyse and choose between various options.

Citrine is a very powerful crystal which can be programmed throughout your job search. Order one for urself now

Citrine Angel

Citrine Angel

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

Contact us :

If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a¬†“CAREER¬†SPREAD”¬†reading to analyse various career options¬†and Life Purpose Oracle Card¬†reading to understand what is your true life purpose.

Also we can do “Tarot and Affirmations” or “Tarot Spells” to attract the job which you desire.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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We love to here from your experience and feel free to reach out for a question in comments below.


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Affirmation for Abundance

“Dear God and Angels of Abundance, thank You for providing for all of my earthly needs. I ask that You continue to guide me clearly to everything that I need to fulfill my life purpose, my mission and to be able to provide a safe and healthful life for myself and my loved ones. Amen”
Angels of Abundance by Doreen Virtue


Abundance is not just money but also more opportunities, time and ideas. Money is nothing but flow of energy, start focusing on how you feel about money, what feelings you will have receiving it and manifest that to attract it. Remember abundance begins in mind first!

Feng Shui Ingots

Feng Shui Ingots

Feng Shui using Ingots, Treasure Bowls and trees Siddh Lakshmi Yantras etc helps to attract money and sustain in.

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

Contact us :

If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a¬†“BLOCKS SPREAD”¬†reading for you to understand where your money is leaking and what actions you can take to stop it.

Also there is a Guided Meditation for Abundance which helps you to attract all that your deeply desire.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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We love to here from your experience and feel free to reach out for a question in comments below.


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Affirmation for Relationship Harmony

“Thank you, Archangel Raguel, for healing my relationship ( name of person ) and helping us both to let go, forgive , and have compassion for the other person’s point of view.”

Relationship Harmony

Rose quarts is very good for healing relationship, attracting love and harmonious relationship in your life. Use Pink pair candles – heart shaped for above affirmation. Also keep pair of dolphins or mandarin ducks in South West corner of your room to enhance “chi” or positive energy of the room.


If you have a relationship issue, say this affirmation and order your rose quarts heart or angel or band NOW!!
If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a “Love Spread” or “Relationship Spread” reading for you too.

Also we can do ‚ÄúCutting the Chords‚Ä̬†to release you from negative patterns of relationships.

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

Contact us :

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Check out other healing Affirmations here.

We love to here from your experience and feel free to reach out for a question in comments below.


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Affirmation for 2015


This year is going to be best year if my life. I shall accomplish all major milestones and enjoy achieving them. I will have best of health, clear focused vision, quantum spiritual growth and abundance in each and every area of my laugh. I would make difference to many more people and enjoy harmonious relationships all around me.


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2015 Tarot Predictions Video @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV Channel

Interested to know how is 2015 going to be for you. See below what Tarot says for your Sun Sign in 2015.

Finally I got the YouTube video of the Television show I did on local Telugu channel ABN Andhra Jyothi.

Since this was a live show of 1 hour, the video is long and divided into 3 parts.

Aries to Leo

Libra to Capricorn

Aquarius and Pisces

I did the predictions in English and the host translated it to Telugu language. This time I also covered all the important areas of one’s life like Health, Career, Relationships and Cosmic advise by angels. I also suggested remedies where needed and my mom helped me in adding recommended colors for each Sun Sign.

You may checkout my last years i.e. 2014 predictions here, and let me know how true were they for you!! Post your feedback in comments below.

Currently we are also running an offer РGet 2015 Tarot + Astrology + Angelic prediction is Rs 2015/- only. What are you waiting for contact us for your  personalized reading for 2015 in Rs 2015 now! Contact us or send an email @

Check out all our services here and what other are saying about us in testimonials.

Follow us on facebook and twitter for latest updates.


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2015 Tarot Predictions Shooting @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV Channel

YAY! Its a hat trick me on TV again and this time LIVE!!


This time Mr Shade from ABN Andhra Jyothi Channel contacted me for doing a 2015 Tarot forecast show. He asked me that would I be comfortable doing it LIVE show this time and taking callers queries on the show. I was very excited and confident, only concerned about the schedule as 31st Dec is my husbands birthday and I had planned many things. Good thing was I wasn’t travelling out of Hyderabad this time for new year celebrations.

On 31st evening 2 pm, the format of the show was finalized over the phone. Since the show would be live, I had to provide some points of predictions in advance so that they could be displayed on the show in Telegu. It was quite pressing for time as I had a movie planned at 4:30 pm ‚Äď ‚ÄúPK‚ÄĚ, followed by new year party 31/12 at N Convention.

Immediately I invoked Angels for guidance and called my mom. My mom suggested we combine Tarot and Astrology and we both discussed and did readings for all signs with respect to Tarot Cards, Angel Cards and Astrology for more than 2 hours. We recorded the discussions but the hardest part was to write the transcript. The interesting part was even my family was going for same movie in Delhi around same time. Me and my sis with help of multi-tasking ingrained in our¬†family and with the power of android phones in our hand, wrote transcript for each Sun Sign listening to the recording and¬†exchanging emails, all this while getting ready, rushing to theater, watching the movie, during intervals , rushing for new year party and eventually partying ūüôā. Each Sun Sign prediction was first written and then sent to my mom for review, after approval and correction was sent to the show director. We could finish all not before 1 am on 1st Jan 2015.

We came back from the party around 2:30 am and slept off exhausted. On 1st it was next to impossible to get up and get ready as we had body aches, that what happens if you dance after a long time. We got up at 7 am and I was trying to remind myself the struggle of each actor to look good the next morning and motivating myself too ūüėČ. My husband helped me select my dress and pack my props. This time I carried two main new things, one was Ganesh idol which I had received as a marriage gift and another was my crystal angels figurines. We reached on time and were ready for the show by 10 am.

The program went well with a lot of impromptu discussion with the anchor about what is Tarot ?, how Tarot ¬†card readings are done etc. I also explained a bit about Angel and Tarot Reading,¬†Angel Cards and affirmations. On the show I used ‚ÄúThe Mythic Tarot Cards‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúMagical messages from Fairies Angel Oracle Cards‚ÄĚ using a 12 card spread. I also did 2015 predictions for¬†political figures like¬†Mr Narendra Modi , Mr Chandrababu Naidu and Mr KCR followed by predictions for Indian Cricket team ¬†and Obama Visit to India.

I could not have done this without my family support. My mom with her amazing knowledge explained the movements of Saturn this year in each and every Zodiac Sun Sign so easily. Then my sister for her efforts and last my husband for his patience and support, not getting upset about me working when we were supposed to be partying.

I will be sharing the YouTube video of the show and also detailed prediction of each Sun Sign tonight. Yes it would be third long night in a row but I am loving it!


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Transform self – Step1 : Protection and Shielding by Archangel Michael

The purpose of this blog is to help your transform your live energetically. For that purpose I have created a 5-easy step program to help you in your spiritual growth. This I would be sharing in series of articles over next few days. This would be my new year gift for your guys. Happy 2015!

For anything to grow and build we have to start from clearing the ground. Hence Step 1 : Protection and Shielding by Archangel Michael

Many people often complain that they feel often drained of energy and fear some one has done black magic on them. I often get calls from people asking me to tell if someone has done black magic on them and if yes who. First of all let me state my stake on “black magic”. When there is light there would be darkness. Darkness feeds on fear. more you are fearful of it , more you would land up giving it your power. More you go towards light , you go towards your “true self” and gain power. Dark energies have been there before you and would be there even after you. Lets not think or fear of¬†them, rather go towards light through meditation, connecting with Angels and your¬†own higher self. This will be your protection always.

In my earlier post on “Clearing and Shielding by Archangel Michael ” , a channeled message in which our “true self ” is well described. Please go through it¬†once. The amazing secret¬†about channeled messages is that since they are made up of light even if your hear or read them it transforms you.




Look at the above picture of Archangel Michael, the Angels of Angels and protector of all from any lower energy. You can call upon him any time anywhere whenever you feel alone or unsafe. He has a shield and sword made of light to protect you against all lower energies and has a deep purple color aura. Angels are non-dimensional and can be with anyone and everyone at same time who calls upon them. Archangel Michael is the only angel who is mentioned by name in all three of the major sacred texts of the world’s religions that place the most emphasis on angels: the Torah (Judaism), the Bible(Christianity), and the Qur’an (Islam). In all of those faiths, believers consider Michael a leading angel who fights evil¬†with the power of good.

The reason why we have to call upon angels is because they do not mess with our free will. If by free will ,consciously or unconsciously, you have chosen an unsafe situation for your self they will show you the red flags but wont go against your will. So please do call upon angels for help by saying out aloud or in a silent prayer.

If you like procedures and rituals like I do. Follow below little procedure.

Things Required : 2 Purple Candles

1) Sit in a quite place and light the candles.

2) Take in a deep breath. As you breath in take in the wonderful healing energy hold it for a while and breathe out slowly. As you breathe out breathe out all your stress ans strain , all your worries. Breathe in, breathe out- repeat 3 times.

3) Then imagine that your legs are like roots of tree and extending towards the center of the earth grounding you to mother earth.

4) Say out aloud : “I thereby invoke and call upon Archangel Michael to my help”

5) Now imagine a white light surrounding your entire body forming a cocoon around you. Say the below affirmation :

“Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me my loved ones and my home with your royal purple light to dissipate and ward off any lower energies. Please safeguard my home all my possession helping me feel safe and secure”

WikiHow has an amazing article on how to do grounding and shielding both which even a child can understand easily. You can also repeat in daily recommended procedure for all healers , or once a week or when ever you feel low.

Hope you like the article, do share the feedback or like the post.

Good Reads:

Michael Communicating Archangel Guidance Protection by Doreen Virtue.

Miracles Archangel Michael Doreen Virtue


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New Collection of Crystal Angels Figurine

Angels Crystal Figurines are small angels made out of crystals. We all know about crystals and their significance in healing. When crystals and Angel combine they create magic. They have made a lot of difference in my life since I got introduced to them and also to all my friends and friends. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal make these powerful energy tools.

One of my friend whom I gave a Rose Quarts Angel shared that she was so emotional as soon as she had the angel in her hand and cried continuously. This helped her to release a lot of her pain and she felt comforted after some time.

One other client whom I gave Lapis Lazuli Angel started having heightened visions and Angelic communication.

Another of my client was very unclear confused related to career and shared that after having Clear Quarts Angel for some time he could sleep peacefully and felt very determined.

Similarly there is Angel in Green Aventurine for health , Purple Amethyst for fame and success , Yellow citrine for success in studies and career and Black Obsidian for grounding and protection.

I also have custom-made crystal Angels РArchangel Michael РAngel with a sword for protection, Archangel Raphael РAngel figurine with heart and Archangel Gabriel РAngel figurine with a child.

Checkout the new collection of crystal Angel figurine

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With Christmas around the corner invite Angels at your place read my earlier post about it. Crystal angel figurine are good option for giving your loved one a Christmas Gift too. If you are interested in buying or gifting the angel figurine for self or your dear ones, you may contact me via email or call me at +91-9985714012.

Follow us on fb\ and stay updated.

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Angel Hosting at your place

Angel Hosting at your place

Last month 21st Nov I was nominated by my friend Kanak Kabra РCertified Angel Card Reader and Angelic Channel, to do Angel Hosting at my place. This is something which has been going on since 2008 and you can find more about it  here by Tree McKenna Cinque . Also one of my friend Suvarna Avvari РAngel Card Reader and Inner Child Therapist wrote a detailed blog about it here.

So basically for 5 days you host angles at your place. For that you clean your house, create a simple altar (holy place) for them, you invite them in and on 5th day nominate your friends where they shall go next. The five days are for you to try to communicate with them, meditate retrospect or just feel extremely peaceful.

For me the last one was profoundly noticeable as soon as I invited them in. Felt like a pause button is pressed for me and its time to de-stress and relax. Like there is no reason to fret or be tensed –¬†“all is well”.

The friends I nominated have different experiences. Some had visions, some could feel a powerful presence of divine beings and some had fights resolved. It is slowly becoming popular to a whole group of Reiki practitioners in Hyderabad. Glad to be of service.

Some pics of altars for Angel Hosting by myself and my friends :

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If any one is interested please contact t me at

Thanks Kanak Kabra once more..

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Welcome new members to the family!

Welcome new members to the family!

Its been really long since I shared a post. Few days back I did write one but just before publishing it went Kaput ūüė¶ I think new word press default save is broken. Past one month¬†I have been shuttling between Pune and Hyderabad. My husband rented a new place in Pune and we are still settling down. Shifting stuff from Hyderabad, setting up the kitchen, shopping and hosting my in-laws! It was quite tiring along with all the travelling.

We invited new family members : Australian Love Birds , Tiger Fish and few flower plants. Just thought of sharing some pictures with you.

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The whole energy and vibration of the house has changed since they arrived. I just spend few minutes surrounded by them and feel relaxed.

If anyone had experience with pets and plants do share!

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Anonymous Reading

A lot of closed friends and relative want or maybe need a reading but sometimes shy away due to any inhibitions like what I may think etc.

Hence, I am planning to launch anonymous reading option. Where you would just mail me your questions under a chosen(false) name and make payment online and I shall reply back within 3 days with your reading. You may need a temporary email id for that or I will try to use some software to mask your email id in the email you send me.

Do you think it’s a good idea! Do let me know below with your precious vote.


Happy Weekend


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Tarot and Affirmations

I often used to use tarot cards with affirmations and use them for manifestations till I read Tarot Spells by Janina Renne few years back and realised that’s how Tarot Spells are created ūüėÄ

Here a good guide on how to go about it by Tarotist Lisa Frideborg Loyd. ( I love the word Tarotist and hence forward use it with my name to sign off too )


So let me try it for myself


Affirmation is :
“I am strong, powerful and confident. I am willing to unleash my innate abilities and overcome all obstacles. I trust my abilities and am fearless.”

After a long statusquo things are starting to change for better in my life and I need all the inner strength.

Thanks a lot Lisa for elaborating the steps.

Tarotist Shubhra


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Most fulfilling Long Weekend

How does it feels when you plan a long weekend and before it could start miss a bus and forced to cancel the plan! Pretty bad I guess.

My husband was suppose to come to Hyderabad for this long weekend and he happened to miss his bus. He called me up to tell¬†me what happened and fortunately I was sitting with a Tarot Reading client so couldn’t react emotionally! Moreover I had my deck in my hand and immediately took out a card which was none other than most infamous Tower Card.


Poor me ! What can a wife do when as a reader she gets a Tower card? So as I tenured reader I advised him to cancel his travel. Penalty I pay every time I miss doing a tarot reading before booking tickets for “how my travel would be ?” ¬†ūüė¶

Before I could get to brood about failed plans, something else was stored for me. 

I got two students enrolled for Advanced Tarot Learning Course for these 3 days. Morning I would teach one over Skype for 3-4 hours and then evening teach another one face to face at my place. In these three days I covered so many things for them like from Basics revision to Enhancing your Tarot Intuition, Advanced Spreads, Making your own spreads, Mixing decks, Angel and Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Affirmations.

Oh the fun of teaching and sharing! Yesterday it was almost 6 hours grueling class. I let the course take its own path and customize based on students interest and ability.

I also got introduced to three new decks : Life Purpose Oracle , Sacred Indian Tarot and Mary- el РTarot. 

Look forward for their reviews.

Along with all this I could fix my website domain-hosting connection and is LIVE now !! (Still need to work on content). Also¬†the PayPal button’s image on this blog¬†is fixed. Both of the above task I had given up on almost a year back. It feels so great to apply software technical skills somewhere outside work ūüėČ

Oh besides all this, I am on 10 days Jains Das Lakshan parva fasting too. 

Oh its 6 am got to sleep. Lots of sharing coming up this week, stay tuned.


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Angelic Protection and Intervention

This I wrote last Saturday but was busy with exams, so sharing now.

I had a shocking experience today. I think it has a cosmic connection and I felt like sharing it. I was returning home from my M.B.A weekend class, which I left early today. As usual, I took an auto home and called my husband but his phone was busy. For the first time he didn‚Äôt call back immediately as his phone had only 3% battery. I messaged him that I left early and got an auto home. To pass the time waiting for his call I started using the¬†Mythic Tarot App by The Fool‚Äôs Dog¬†on my phone. ( Not spying¬†ūüėȬ†)

I was so engrossed in the app that I forgot to inform¬†the auto driver to take a turn which leads to my house. He would now have to take a u-turn now and i informed the same to him. As expected he started complaining but i still requested him to take the u-turn as it was quite late in night. He continued to argue and I told him if he¬†doesn’t¬†agree I would walk away without¬†paying. Recently I had promised my husband not to get into argument with drivers at all cost. He¬†didn’t¬†budge, he stopped his auto and¬†started fighting, I stepped out of the auto and started walking towards my place. I crossed the road with a heavy heart, completely confused, should I turn back and pay him? or should I punish him for his misdemeanor? I was so confused and wondered, would he curse me? or would I get bad karma? (Side effects of being a healer). I asked angels to guide me.

Suddenly I heard a screeching noise of car forcing sudden breaks. I turned and saw a man lying on the road and the car absconding the scene. The man had narrowly escaped a major accident. I felt I should go and help and saw many people had come to rescue the man ( all of a sudden on a previously deserted road ).

Anyways I started¬†looking for the auto driver to pay him, and close the whole battle brewing in my mind. Suddenly I noticed that the accident victim was looking at me. It was dark and I started walking towards him for a better look and noticed him cursing me.¬† It was none other than the auto guy who just escaped an accident. I asked him if he was ok and started complaining. I told him that ‚Äúyour fight for Rs 10 would have cost you your life today. I requested you ¬†to drop me home¬†as it was late in night¬†but you fought instead.‚ÄĚ I felt sorry for him and ended up paying him square even. The people around advised the guy to take the money and scolded him that he¬†shouldn’t¬†have fought with a woman at night and should have¬†dropped me home.¬† I felt guilty but I had not¬†even raised my voice today ūüė¶

As I started walking back, scared what if he had gotten hurt badly? Was it due to my high energies or Angelic intervention. An intervention to guide me on the path of integrity or to protect me at this night hour? I took a deep breath and within 2-3 minutes covered the uphill distance to my home which usually takes me 10 mins.

I reached home and received a text from my classmate that the teacher was looking for me. I had¬†left the class early today for the first time and the teacher had noticed, I got caught! I guess that was an intervention for enforcing integrity too.¬†ūüôā

Came home and picked cards from Oracle Angel Deck and got the following cards.

Moon_CyclesLeadership Compassion





I always felt a connection with Archangel Gabriel and recently this was confirmed by a friend who did Angel Channeling Reading for me and channeled Archangel Gabriel for the first time. She informed me that Gabriel is always around me. I am glad today she protected me and guided me to complete with the guy. It is a Super Moon night today and hence the hightened energies. And now I should be compassionate and forgive myself and the auto guy to let go!

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Watch “Louise Hay “How to Love Yourself” free download” on YouTube

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Watch “Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael” on YouTube

Clearing and Shielding with Archangel Michael:


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When people ask me this question I pick up cards is that person worth it and let them know what cards predict. Help them get deeper insight to the relationship.
But ask yourself that isn’t Love painful? Isn’t it worth it? Does that mean you have to fall in it ? Your choice, you want to experience living it or live longing for it!!

The choice is your to choose which battle to fight .

Should I go for this relationship?

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Affirmation for Manifesting Money

I found this on internet and couldn’t resist to share with you guys.

” I know that everything is made of God and money also comes from that loving source, and I intend that an abundance of money is coming to me and I intend that I now have an unlimited supply of money in my life. There is plenty of Money to go around and I feel wonderful when I receive this money. Every time that I receive more money into my life I feel overjoyed!

Read the rest of this entry »

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Affirmation to Manifest All that I Need and Want

download (1)

“I intend that I manifest all that I need and want. Archangel Michael removes all blockages so that I am fully open to receiving all that I need which comes from God, Love, Omniverse, the Source. Abundance is my Birthright, it comes to me now, I accept it and I am eternally Grateful for it.”

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2014 Zodiac Signs Tarot Predictions

Interested to know how is 2014 going to be for you. See below what Tarot says for your Sun Sign in 2014.

Finally I got the YouTube video of the Television show I did on local Telugu channel ABN Andhra Jyothi.

I did the predictions in English and the host translated it to Telugu language. This time I also covered all the important areas of one’s life like Health, Career, Relationships and in General.

I also did predictions for major Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh. Find out‚Ķ

  • Would Narendra Modi become the PM of India?
  • How is 2014 for Telegu Politics?
  • How is 2014 for I.T people?
  • How is 2014 for property and real estate?

You may checkout my last years i.e. 2013 predictions here, and let me know how true were they for you!!

Few things which I predicted last year came true , like

  • Jagan Mohan will come out of Prison in second half of the year, as it happened.
  • KCR will hear a good news , as it happened.
  • Telangana will get approval , as it happened.

Feel free to drop comments and feedback and in case you are looking for personalised reading for 2014, contact us or send an email @

Check out all our services here.


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2014 Tarot Predictions Shooting @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV Channel

Its me on TV again… ūüôā

I was invited by Mr¬†Raghu¬†on Wed 25th Dec 2014 from¬†Andhra¬†Jyothi¬†‚Äės¬†Telugu¬†TV¬†channel ABN TV for doing another show on Tarot Predictions for 2014. This time I was alone and my husband, then friend who had accompanied me last time was in another city. But I was confident and excited. Confident as I had previous TV¬†appearance¬†experienced now .Excited to wear the lovely saree my mom gifted me for my wedding.¬†

Unlike last time I used 5 tarot and angel cards decks this time , The Mythic Tarot Cards , Oracle Angel Cards, The Romance Angel Oracle Cards,  The Archangel Rafeal Angel Oracle cards, Magical messages from Fairies Angel Oracle Cards.

I also shared few Feng Shui and health related tips . This way I covered 5 important areas like General, Relationships, Career, Health and Finances for each zodiac sun sign.

Check out what I predicted last year for your sun sign. Do share your feedback

2013-12-26 (1)



Shall upload the telecast YouTube video tomorrow, wait and watch !!


Check out what all healing services you can get here, and contact me.

You may directly email me at to get your personalised predictions.




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Ask for Acceptance

Its easily said than done,

” Dear God and Archangel Raphael, please help me accept that everything is going in right direction ”

“Thanks for giving me courage to seek your guidance and help, I trust you and know I am loved”

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Release your stress

Affirmation #3

Dear God, Archangels Rapheal and Archangel Micheal,

”¬†I seems like stress is taking a toll on me, and I need your help. Please release me from the pressure that I have imposed upon myself. Rapheal, I ask that you cover me with your healing energy so that my body will shed the effects of stress. Micheal, I ask that you cut away the effects of negative and fearful thoughts, including cords that are draining me. I am willing to release any habits of self -punishment, time urgency,or other belief systems that create stressful situations. I know that I have sufficient time and energy, in truth, and I ask that you help me experience this sufficiency right now. Thank you, and amen.”


Courtesy Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with Angels

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Let me sleep

As promised another of my favourite affirmation. Many of my clients frequently complain about being unable to sleep. This is for them :

“Dear Archangel Rapheal, thank you for helping me relax and sleep deeply, for I know that you are guiding, healing, and protection me while I rest…”

You can also ask Archangel Michael to protect your house and your dear ones while you sleep.

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Courtesy Doreen Virtue’s Deck “Healing Angel Cards”

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Meeting milestone 2100+ followers

Yay! My blog has crossed a milestone! 2100+ followers I am super delighted. This seemed to be impossible until last year and can just think of the “Success Card from Osho Zen Tarot Deck”.

As a celebration and acknowledgement for all my readers I shall be sharing Angelic Affirmations for our common areas of concern like relationship, money, career, health along with the Angel picture so that you can chant it, affirm it and create for yourself.

Success by Osho Zen Tarot Card
Success by Osho Zen Tarot Card

I thank God, the Angels, the Archangels and my inner wisdom to guide me reach out to all you people.

Today I shared a post for Relationship Harmony. Look out for what’s in store for tomorrow.

If you need any specific affirmation for healing particular relationship, career, finance,family and health issues do contact me at

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Relationship Harmony

Relationship Harmony

This prayer says all,

Thankyou Archangel Raguel , for healing my relationship with _____and helping us both to let go, forgive, and have compassion for the other person’s point of view.

Courtesy Doreen Virtue Archangels 101

If you need any specific affirmation for healing particular relationship, do contact me at


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Is your money energy leaking?

Have you noticed getting a headache or backache while shopping , specially something which you know is not in budget.?

Have you noticed your heart racing and rushing when you are buying something in a deal , anxious and unsure is it the right decision or not?

All the above are examples of your body giving you signals of “Money Energy Leakage”.

My dear friend Priyanka elaborates it on further in the below article…

Two Experiments With Money Energy.

Further more, also notice the shopkeepers mood while bargaining ( if you do ) . Sometimes you may think you got a good bargain but if the shopkeeper cursed you are just carrying and using bad energy. Moreover, I aways have this empty feeling after a bargain as if cheated, “I should or shouldnt have bargained for more ?”, “what if he gives more discount to someone else?”.¬†I am restless and uneasy after the bargain deal. Hence, I rather deal with people on fixed price where shopkeeper and myself both are happy. ( This will come as relief to people who just can’t bargain )

Shopping has become integral to our modern lives and stay attuned to your body for the signals…JUST NOTICE. Like I just noticed that I have crossed the 2000 followers benchmark ūüôā

Thankyou for all my friends for reading.


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Tarot Spells and Affirmations

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Last month I had written a post on Tarot Spells FAQ, and had a wonderful event at my home/center with few of my friends and clients.

One of my client who was looking for job or work from past 3 years and got a work assignment on the third day of doing the spell. He was a novice, did not have any expectations or pre-notions about Spells. He just followed the instructions like a child and it worked wonders for him.

One of my close friend also had a great experience when her boyfriend called, within 2 days of doing the spell to reconcile after a fight. She was delighted and quite happy.

Spells do not work in our desired favour always. They are more like powerful positive affirmations for what is best for us and inline with our higher purpose.

We may ask to clear a job interview and we don’t clear it. This is what happened with me when my cards fell during a spell and I knew what I am asking for is not in sync with my life’s purpose and higher goals. Though I got a second chance ( highly unlikely) for the same company but I declined as I felt that it would complicate my life more. Later, I had a very vivid dream informing me that offer was like entering a snakes den.

Another of my close friend was upset as her emotions were so heightened after doing the spell that she cried for days, but after that could easily let go of a suffering relationship

If things have to work in favour they would within few days, if not you would get clear messages and signs which would help you to make the choice.

Spells gives us the clarity and hint of the bigger picture,what we always crave for.

I inculcate both Tarot and Angels to do Spells and also create Spells specific to your needs.

So here I invite all of you to try Tarot Spells to invoke Magick in your life.

NOTE: This Friday 19-07-2013 and Sunday 21-07-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested, please contact me at 91-9985714012 or email at

PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against¬†anyone’s will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

Hurry up limited slots!

Still Undecided…. Call me !!


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I am not a Superhuman just a little evolved

Whenever anything bad happens in my family everyone starts questioning and pestering my Mom ” Did you see this coming?” Did you know this would be so bad?”. Recently when I was suffering from high fever, dehydration, throat infection and taken in for hospitalization my mom was so tensed. When I spoke to her I said Saturn changed on 8th July ¬†and its here to break some more patterns, high fever is better than something severe, and my mom smiled ( I could see that over the phone too :p ) and signed.

Recently my roommate mentioned that whenever¬†she tells her friend that I am a Tarot Reader, excited and inquisitive they start asking about my behaviour, how powerful I am or how different I am” . To which she replies ” she is as normal as us”

I loved a comment by one of her friend – “Lucky man, her life is so easy she can foresee things and plan everything accordingly”¬†! Is it?? Yes, we do foresee and sense things beforehand which can help to plan things but if you start doing that always then wouldn’t your life be more calculative? Where would be the fun? Fun is in getting surprised by the life and embracing it. And the Power is the strength of doing that continuously.

I do not have super powers, the power I do have is the understanding and acceptance of The Super Power and how it is omnipresent and available to all of us to harness. The belief in the will power and how we all can manifest our desires and create our life. This is what I believe in and this is what I try to share with everybody.

One more thing when I knew Saturn changes effect can be severe on my health and chances to spend money on medicines is most likely, I got myself admitted, had a nice stay at the hospital on the expense of insurance ūüėČ

Watch out for my next post where I share the nasty details of what exactly happened and how hospitals can help you heal even when you are surrounded by gazillions bacterias and sad faces!


Sleepless In Night, Try These Tips

GoodNightSleepRaphealI meet a lot of people during my practice who complain about they are unable to sleep. Sometime when I am using my ‘Rapheal Healing Oracle Cards’  I would get the above card for them. I myself have faced a lot of sleep issues. My mom use to give me a big glass of milk with chocolate before sleeping daily, to help me to sleep better.

There can be various reasons for being unable to sleep at night. Some of the well known factors are:

  1. Stress and Anxiety : Anxious about getting up early the next day or worried about something! This is the most common reason for people to unable to sleep
  2. Screwed up Sleep cycle : Not maintaining a sleep cycle , getting up late one day , sleeping early the other. This tends to confuse the body clock; should it sleep or be awake
  3. Sensitive to Moon Cycles : Many people are sensitive to moon cycle and they are not aware of it. They would have varying energy level especially on Full Moon and New Moon nights or during lunar eclipse. Best way to deal with it is the knowledge that its common and light a candle and meditate.
  4. Simply Nocturnal : Like me you may be a night person and have high-efficiency and creativity levels during night. The whole world would suggest getting up early is very important, but I guess this is our nature. Stop criticizing yourself for that and accept it. If you sleep late then you would get up after 7-8 hours only. Hence, don’t put early alarms and self- criticise, procrastinate every time you snooze it. Accept it and plan your schedules accordingly. ( BTW I do yoga also at night sometimes…he he )

Besides the above stated reasons there are several other causes but lets focus on how to get around it and SLEEP !

  1. If you get nightmares at night, keep a Knife/ Holy Cross/ Om under your mattress.
  2. Mostly everyone experiences Astral Travel during sleep and feel thirsty post it. Hence, keep a glass of water next to your bed always.
  3. Have a spoon of yogurt or curd before sleeping.
  4. Keep a hand on your stomach and feel it breathing in and out. As your mind becomes in synch with your breath you tend to relax and sleep.
  5. Count backwards from 100 – 1, as your mind gets tired it allows your body to relax.
  6. Read a book during bed time. Pick the most boring book like Macbeth” , this book has always delivered ūüôā

Last the most powerful method is for asking angel’s help to Sleep

” To My Creator / Dear God,

Please help me to get a restful and sound sleep tonight. I ask for a Archangel Michael to be present around me to protect my house and myself. 

I am willing to release all my cares and worries to You and the angels. I love you and trust you to guide me to my spiritual path.

Please send some comforting angels to my side so that I may enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

Thank You!”

Imagine yourself to be cocooned in a white light from head to toe.

Shh!! You are sleeping now, Good night ūüôā

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Let’s face it, there is always going to be somebody who is more beautiful,
more talented, stronger, more intelligent, or apparently happier than you are.
And conversely, there will always be those who are less than you in all these ways.
The way to find out who you are is not by comparing yourself with others,
but by looking to see whether you are fulfilling your own potential in the best way you know how.

Be your own best


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Miracles and Manifestations, for those who Believe


Thought comes before action. “Being”should call for action. I am sure we know that but then why are we so stuck at “What should I do “? Our mind is like a machine just playing games…what’s next, next and future. Cribbing about the past and worrying about the future. No now…where is now ?. We are happy for a moment we enjoy it, and then we want to control it and before we know we are again on – Oh wow it was so wonderful then! and When would it happen again ?

I don’t know why I wrote what I just wrote. Maybe because what I had been creating and affirming for a while, did not exactly happened as I wanted. It forced me to think what did I do wrong. I am a healer how can I not get what I want?

And just then I realised its my ego asking for it and not my inner wisdom.
“I” is my ego, which is stressing me out. Not letting me be happy. Giving me goals and making me run like a rat on a wheel… in circles.

So let me surrender now and leave my worries to the Angels.

Miracle is when u want something and whether you work for it or not, just with clear intentions, it happens.

Manifestation is when your every thought and action is in synch with what you want and it happens. Remember miracles do not happen all the time.

Take away from this, have faith, catch yourself when you are on that wheel and keep affirming!

After all everything happens for good.

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Tarot Spells FAQ


Spells ~ Magic ~ Witches, you think of one thing and correlate with other too along with a image of big black cauldron with boiling oil and a woman with long hair putting some herbs in it on a special moon night and casting spells.

But I would disappoint you when I say Spell are another form of meditation. My personal experience with them is that its gives a sense of invoking Magic in your life. I have used them personally and believe me you should be very careful of what you ask for, what if it actually comes true !

Here are some often asked questions about Tarot Spells to help you get rid of your jitters.

What are Tarot Spells? 
I consider them as a rituals which help you to focus on what you want, release want is needed and manifest your desires.

How can we do them ?
Tarot Spells would have few basic ingredients like Candles , Oils , Tarot Cards, Crystals
and other special ingredients based on what spell is it.

What all Spells can be done ?
From famous Love Spell ( attract love , not force anyone to love you :-)), to spells for resolving disputes,
attracting opportunities, passing interview, performing better in exams, self empowerment , self-protection
and many more.

When can we do them ?
Mostly moon cycle is followed for doing them like Full Moon night , Ekadashi‘s etc.

Can anybody do them ?
Yes , only you be open towards it and really ready to accept divine help and guidance.

What if something happen during the spell ?
Things like candle dropping etc might happen during the ritual. Do not worry that might be an sign that time is not now for manifestation of your desires and symbolically represent
approaching hindrances. We can repeat the spell 3 times , but if it fails repeatedly its better to
quit. At that time you would get clear messages of why it happened and what to expect next.

When can we expect the results of the spell ?
It takes up to 3-21 days for results be visible. Sometimes, things might go in opposite way indicating
that whatever was hidden from you has surfaced to give you clarity

NOTE: This Friday 21-06-2013 and Sunday 23-06-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested please contact me at 9985714012 or email at

PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against¬†anyone’s will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

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Tarot Reading for Self


Doing Tarot Reading for one-self is quite different in comparison to doing for others. One of the major reason being you are the one who is asking ¬†the question and you only¬†answer them :-). Also it might lead to a series of questions which I like to call as “cascading effect”.

Eg, You are asking should you do A or B , or how would A choice be for you than B choice.You get a Four of Cups for A and 2 of Wands for B. As soon as you see Four of Wands you get inquisitive and want to know why? What would cause that situation? Who all are trying to influence you? and there you go ( ignoring the 2OW) …before you know you have most of the cards out and left more confused than before.

Hence 6 important tips for doing Tarot for Self

  1. Keep a notepad or writing pad with pen / pencil handy. A personal diary would be best.
  2. Write all your questions before doing Tarot.
  3. Beside the each question write the Tarot cards you picked up for that question. You may also write your understanding and interpretation but mentioning the cards is vital. You may use abbreviations for eg 2OW ( 2 of wands ) , KOS ( King of Swords ) etc.
  4. Note the date of reading, anything special about that day to remember by.
  5. Note the Tarot Deck you used too.
  6. Read the questions and answers once before closing the reading and if anything is unclear pick a card for gaining more clarity.

You may also record the reading session.

Following the above would avoid you to fall into the trap where you keep on taking out cards till you get the answer you want! You can always come back and read your predictions for self after some days and analyse them, then you may realise the significance of noting down the exact cards for each question. As maybe when you were doing the reading you were so emotional and missed some important signs.

These are very basic but essential things to remember while doing Tarot for One-Self, else like in the picture above you would have most of the cards out and no clear answer!


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2013 Zodiac Signs Tarot predictions.

Interested to know how is 2013 going to be for you. See below what Tarot says for your Sun Sign in 2013 .

Finally I got the YouTube video of the Television show I did on local Telugu channel ABN Andhra Jyothi.

I did the predictions in English and the host translated it to Telugu language.

I also did predictions for major Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh. Find out…

  • Would Andhra Pradesh get a separate Telengana state?
  • Who‚Äôs party would be in ruling in 2014 elections?
  • Would Jagan Mohan Reddy come out of prison?

Feel free to drop comments and feedback and in case you are looking for personalised reading for 2014, contact us or send an email @

Check out all our services here.


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2013 Tarot Predictions shooting @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV channel.

On Fri 28th Dec 2013 , Asst Producer Mr Raghu from¬†Andhra¬†Jyothi¬†‚Äės¬†Telugu¬†TV¬†channel ABN TV , invited me for doing a special show on Tarot Predictions for 2013. I was very excited but then immediately¬†was concerned about language. ABN TV being local Telugu channel would need a¬†Telegu¬†speaking person. I expressed my concern to the creative directive Ms Sudha and she said she would be having an anchor who would translate it accordingly.

They wanted me to come the very next day but somehow I got one more day to arrange for items and prepare. I had long weekend coming up and I had some pre-planned stuffs for 4 days , watching movie daily , my friend’s Bday plans for 30th Dec , New year party plans what not.

I was so tensed, I was so excited, I was so scared.

Saturday evening I went looking for a crystal ball. Crystals¬†I thought they would be nice props‚Ķ found none.¬†I¬†didn’t¬†even find good thick candles. Sunday morning tired after coming back from late night party, had an¬†impromptu¬†guest for overnight stay ‚Äď a friend who wanted me to do PLR for her. Since I was so tired I just did¬†Tarot reading¬†for her. By the time we slept it was too late. I woke up tensed,¬†immediately¬†opened my laptop and started searching for what other were saying for 2013 predictions. I was so tensed what to wear, what shoes‚ĶI thought I would get artificial nails done as focus would be on my hands and¬†didn’t¬†find one¬†parlor¬†in Hyderabad ( I called 10-15¬†parlors¬†) . Shooting was¬†scheduled¬†for evening 3 pm and by noon I was freaking out. Picked a fight with Mom‚Ķ called Dad¬†complaining¬†about her and what not¬†:-(

Eventually I calmed down , discussed how to do Tarot for different¬†celebrity¬†types ‚Äď Politicians, Actors, Sports person¬†etc‚Ķ She was giving me so much information.¬†integration¬†of Tarot and Astrology, suggestion of crystals based on Sun Signs and what not and I was again¬†scared. Only after some ‚ÄúMorale‚ÄĚ boosting from my dear friend and Mom I was ready to go.

Reached the venue, met Raghu gentle soul , met producer…got make-up touch up done, met the crew, Mr Phani the anchor… only when I reached the set I realized the table was too small !! Boom next two hours went by to figure out a table, everything had to rearranged , cameras , lights , there is so much technicality.

By the time we started I was so exhausted. Thank God we munched on masala dosa before hand else we would have starved too.

I also got to know all the celebrity of whom I had to do the Tarot Reading, were actually Politicians. I got so scared, I called my mother immediately concerned about what if they tell me to predict 2014 election on television. Andhra Pradesh is on a crucial stage where there are talk of separate Telengana sate , what if they tell me to predict that. I can do it but not on television please. My mom gave me some professional tips and I was finally ready.

Then I did tarot for 12 Sun Signs some 5 political leaders , Andhra Pradesh as state and India as country. It went well, I would post the details about the predictions in my next post along with some pictures.


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Find your life partner with help of Tarot vs Horoscope

Marriage and specially arranged one is more nerve wrecking than anyone can imagine.

So much of apprehension and anxiety around it.

Horoscope help you to score the overall match based on 8 categories
Varna (Work), Vasya (Dominance), Tara (Destiny), Yoni (Mentality), Maitri ( Friendships), Gana ( Basic insticts), Bhakoot (Love), Nadi (Health)
This would tell you detail about the nature of the persons individually and their attitude towards each other.
But horoscope can’t tell the little nuances which Tarot can like feelings, or after you had the first talk with that person what is he thinking.Is he/she really interested or just a compromise.
What does he feel about you?Would he call back!! Is he being honest about himself?
Even stuff like what to wear for the first meeting ūüôā
Since you are in so much of mental turmoil sometimes simple choices about clothes can be a lot confusing!!
All in all  you are trying to see a suitable match where there would be happiness , love and peace
and Tarot can really  help!

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Deal with your pain, once for all

Deal with your pain, once for all
Life is all about experiences. If we are here on Earth on temporary basis, and soul wish to learn why not experience it fully.

Your boyfriend getting married deal with it. Your career at stake deal with it. Not getting married deal with it.

Cry your heart out, shout loud, shut urself from world, be alone and introspect. Do it fully, own it as you are definitely at source of it in one way or other. The moment you realise that you are no longer a victim, you transform to be a survivor. You don’t just change you transform, it’s rebirth and this time you chose to create how you want to be! What you want to be known for !

These lessons would not be many take full advantage if it. Give yourself a timeline ( I give myself three days, I know masters who do in 3 secs ) to go through all stages deny – sulk- brood – play victim – blame – feel guilty – confused – alone… Then ask your angels to help you, your Gaurdian angels in heaven and your parents and others on earth. Don’t skip any step, own your shit and clean up your act!

Create another biggger better game for yourself and juat take the leap of faith.

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Accept Defeat Don’t Pretend

This is a very beautiful excerpt from the book “Power of The Heart”. Its resonates with what I want to advice or just share with many people out their who are in setback due to Mercury Retrograde creating issues at work, relationships or anything related to communication.

” When you are defeated and you suffer, don’t pretend that you are spiritually superior. Sit down and cry. Say “Oh my God, why did you forsake me ?” You are allowed to cry, you are allowed to be defeated, don’t try to avoid suffering, this is just cheating yourself. But give it a time frame, let’s say one week, one month whatever. And then suffer with all your strength. You know? Say, ” Okay, I am going to suffer, I am going to cry, I am not going to eat, I am going to eat a lot, I am going to do this, I am going to do that, I am going to complain, I am going to insult sometimes the divine energy. ” But then you say to yourself, ” Okay, this is part of life.” Don’t give up, you live this situation with the strength that you did not know you had. Don’t be coward enough to avoid suffering. Suffer! That’s not wrong.” #PauloCoelho

I myself had a major setback two days before my first workshop. It was very difficult for me to accept immediately. I can cry on top of a hat which I did almost the whole day. I had my last MBA exam the next day and wasn’t able to focus. I didn’t eat at all. Slept off woke up late on Saturday morning.

I had a few missed calls from a lady who was looking for a Tarot Reader for a luncheon party. She was a construction tycoon. I thanked Angels and immediately after reaching ITC Kakatiya, and a few interactions with clients forgot all about it. I started enjoying as guest flocked to my table deserting other reader’s table. I over ate the scrumptious lunch and went to write my exam and got an excellent grade.

Yes I was still pondering and brooding over the loss but I don’t have to go through all the drama again and again in my life. Its just an experience which calls for a learning.

And being in Past Life work ending life is no solution and actually making it more difficult for your next life. So please don’t give up just yet.

Saturday night after my exam I reached home to find my phone and TV not working at #ValentinesDay evening. I missed all my #RomedyNow movies. ūüė¶ But I took it as a sign from Angels, to focus for my workshop and I did. I prepared a great ppt for my workshop in just four hours. Slept for 4 hours.

Sunday morning I reached the venue and happy Ro meet all the participants. The workshop was great. With help of Angels I could generate my self for almost 12 hours and participants loved it.

Again the ecstasy of workshop success died down at dawning of gloomy Monday. I could see I was trying to pretend all is well missing the opportunity to release by grieving.

I usually give myself three days times to sulk, go in my cave to crib and cry. I do that everywhere, in auto or in office. Just being honest to myself. And after some time like a epiphany the acceptance comes.

It takes time, with practice three days can be reduced to three minutes as the Landmark leaders do. I always remind myself of an anecdote when a Landmark leader got a news about his father’s demise few minutes before he had to lead a crowd of 300+ people. He took 3 minutes to grieve and generate himself. I still had a days time, my problem was too small and had only 8 people to lead.

So CRY your heart out, till you can let go and remember this too shall pass!

And I am there to hear out your story if you need. Share how do you cope up with sudden setbacks ? What is your cope up mechanism? Would love to hear. Post your thought in comment below ūüôā

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