Heart Healing Workshop

16 Feb

Wow I am ecstatic to finally living and fulfilling my dream of designing, conducting and doing a workshop. I finished the slide pack in about 5 hrs a night before and slept only for 4 hrs. I had the perfect number of participants my fav 8 for this workshop too. The workshop went for almost 9 hrs, 12 hrs being at the venue interacting with participants. The group of all earth angels, all had major breakthroughs and went all out to resolve their issues and connect with their heart and guardian angels. Can’t sleep still…I am on high, thought of sharing some quick points and pictures. Thank you God and Angels to help me work on dream and life purpose. Big thanks to Preeti Chugh to help me create this …:)


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2 responses to “Heart Healing Workshop

  1. preeti.

    February 16, 2015 at 5:59 pm

    Thanks to you Shubhra it was wonderful being in the workshop could not think of time passing by the entire day in a zop. wonderful sessions ,lot of releasing, lot of thankfulness and connecting with each participant by the end of session was ausum.
    May you create more such workshops and serve your life purpose.
    God bless you and all of us with peace bliss and wisdom.

  2. Rupali

    February 16, 2015 at 7:41 am

    Well done Shubhra!! Keep it up!!


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