Tarot Reading @ Delhi

My mom has been doing events for long. Every year she participates in Astrolgy Mela held at Pragati Maidan @ New Delhi in January. This time I also accompanied her and met so many other dignitaries in this field from all over India. There were some who came from nearby countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka too.

I think I was one of the youngest there and everyone were pampering me. I use to do Tarot Reading and my mom would do Horoscope reading. Initially I was too scared to do for people elder to me and I kept on saying to one guy ” Uncle how can I guide you I am so young”, he assured ” right now you are a sage I am a seeker in need, so please guide” . It was amazing experience as I could give advise to people elder to t also. Many other Astrologers came to me for fun reading but I gave accurate reading to all. They were all amazed and appreciated me.

There was one point I had more clients than my mom. In the evening my dad visited the stall and they saw me deep into discussion with one divorced woman. I was counselling her on a relationship she had and my had sat and listened to whole conversation. I looked at him and he just smiled.

On the way back I kept yapping about my experiences of the day, my mom dad kept exchanging looks and at the end told me you are not going again. My dad is always concerned I would miss my studies and get into spirituality. I argued but then accepted else he would have blamed mom.

It was one unforgettable hell of an experience, the energy surge I felt was amazing!


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