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Full moon Eclipse April 2013 in Scorpio


So it Full Moon or Purnamashi Lunar Eclipse or ,Chandra Ghrahan tonight and I can’t sleep.

Restless, anxious, confused, irritated,agitated…. my mind is working overtime…it seems like Moon has its full effects on me. I got to know about the eclipse this evening and did not get time to study its astrological significance.

Nevertheless eclipse are always good time to meditate to keep the upheaval of emotions at bay. So light a candle, say some mantras and try to sleep.

I am going to lie down and try to watch my breath. Its one of the Yoga technique my Yoga trainer taught me which assures sleep. So they say about reading book also which doesn’t seem to help much tonight.  😦

How are you feeling tonight ? Do you believe in your moods effected by some space body millions of miles away?

I have noticed it hence believe in it now…what about you? Is any one out there with similar experiences…I am longing to know.

Do share, like, post questions and comments.

Picture courtesy my dear friend Hemath



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How to beat summer with water?

Follow up to the previous article on When to drink water? Now I have added drinking a glass of water before taking bath to my daily regimen.

Today I would be sharing what I do to survive Hyderabad scrotching heat:

By the time I get up Sun is overhead :p

I get up heat a cup of water and brave it to drink along with my Alevora juice.
Then a drink a glass of normal water.
I buy some unripe coconut and keep with me and drink atleast 4 times a week
I make some buttermilk and put it in a bottle to carry to office.
Then I make some Lipton ice tea and again put in a supper to drink while my ride to office.
I have a smart orange sports water bottle which I keep refilling every 3-4 hrs.


I have habit since childhood of drinking half glass of warm water before meal and only 2 sips after a meal.
After reaching home from work I mix cold and normal water and have atleast 2 glasses of it, I love that combination
Atlast a glass if water before bed and be it summer or winter I always have a litre of water filled next to my bed.

And my mom taught me a new quick technique to get instant relief even if you are in Sun….shall share it next time.

Do share how is summer at your place and how you are

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More plants for Mother Earth

Recently I bought some new plants and love taking care of them. Now I have three small money plants gift from a friend




I also have a small Alevora plant and a another one, I don’t know name of in a beautiful hanging pot.


And last but not the least my gorgeous mini bamboo tree pot for good luck and money! It looks well placed on my table with other Feng Shui items.


So this is how I did something different this year on Earth’s Day. Earlier also I tried keeping plants but due to my travelling, no one would be there to take care of them and they would die.:( This time they going to survive…

How did you celebrate Earth’s Day? Did you know it was Earth’s day yesterday 22nd April ? You can still do now as this week is celebrated as Earth’s week….
Do share your comments and what did u do or plan to do?


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