Tarot Card Learning FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) regarding Tarot Learning

Why learn Tarot ?

Tarot can help you unravel your life secrets and help you plan your life accordingly. It can also guide you to help and advice your friends and family.

Can I become a Reader and start practicing?

Yes, you can become Reader and start your own practice, after a few months or days of hands on practice.

Who can learn Tarot?

Anyone from age of 15 onwards. I myself learnt at age of 14 and a half.

How would I know my predictions are true?

Believe me you would know. Time will tell you.

Should I learn Tarot or Angel Card Reading?

Very imp question, if you are sensitive person and dealing with bad news is difficult for you, go for Angel cards. If you are a brave person and want to know the pure truth, go for Tarot. Also go for both as with my experience of using both lately Tarot predicts  and let you know your blocks, and Angel Cards helps to give solutions and manifest.

Do I need to buy my own deck?

Yes I can guide you to buy or buy it for you.

How would I know which deck to use?

In your very first class you would be taught which deck to use? Or just go with your intuition and choose a deck you are attracted you.

Would I get a certificate?

Yes you will become a Certified Level 1 Tarot Reader

How to book my seat?

Email me your interest @ or call  me at 9985714012

Can the sessions be online?

Yes, sessions can be conducted online on Skype or Google Hangout.


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