It’s just a simple sentence or couple of sentences written in present or present continues tense with positive words only for a specific purpose.It focuses on self empowerment and works with Law of Attraction to attract ones desire in one’s life. 

The first and foremost affirmation introduced by Louise Hay is

“I am Love ” , ” I am open to love.” ,  ” I am Love”

Other things included in affirmations are forgiveness, acknowledgements or gratitude and cosmic ordering. Combined with Creative Visualization affirmations help to motivate , empower, heal and attract all at ones desire.

“I thank the universe for giving me job that best suits my skills.”

“All people who would be helped by my healing are getting attracted to my service.”

Each sentence is whole and complete in itself. Dorren Virtue has introduced Angelic affirmations where in we call angels and do affirmative prayers.

Here, I would be cataloging affirmations which I keep sharing on my post.

Do like, share your views in comments and spread with your friends. We don’t know one line reached to someone at right time can save someones life.


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