Cards Review : Osho Zen Tarot Cards by Osho and Ma Padma


I still remember just like yesterday when I was 14 yrs old ( 2000 ), my mother had asked me to visit a book store with her to buy a Tarot Deck.  At that time the only decks easily available in India were Classic Rider and Waite and Osho Zen Tarot.

Osho Zen tarot came in a colorful box with a book and being Jain our first choice was Osho’s deck. I hope you know that Osho’s real name was Rajneesh Jain and he was a professor at a University in Jabalpur which is my mother’s native place. In fact since my grandfather was active board member in many colleges at that time my grandparents remember him visiting them often and sharing his revolutionary ideas. So that is another fascinating link to be related to this deck more and more.

So we came home I was supposed to read and translate the book to my mother in Hindi. Initially when I started studying, I read non stop for three days and more I read, more I was fearful that if my mom gets hand on it she would be able to catch-all our lies. Typical teenage thinking, as if our mothers already don’t know everything. Anyways my mother had an certification exam coming up so eventually I had to read out to her. Meanwhile my mom already got Rider Waite decks and had started practicing and was pretty good at it and of course she passed exam with flying colors.

Long story eventually I never returned Osho Deck to mom and it was my companion throughout teens, to high school, to college and eventually to Hyderabad for my first job here. I learnt and practiced Tarot with it.

It’s quite easy with vibrant colors and pictures depicting Zen philosophy. Even If you don’t know Zen philosophy you will be able to relate very well.

Initially I used to get “The Master” Card which is the 79th and the extra card in this deck which always made me feel blessed. “Oh those eyes, don’t you feel him looking at your soul, it so mesmerizing…”


Actual Review:

Life most biggest learning are often found in simplest of things. This deck is an example of that. The symbols used are very clear unlike traditional Tarot decks like birds, butterflies, Buddha, Chains, child, cage , various animals etc. Even the color shaded are more than just yellow, green, red and black with adding grey, blue, pink etc.

The booklet consists a glossary of the symbols and some sample spreads. Each card has a literal meaning and a parable story which teaches Zen philosophy. It’s quite interesting and cognitive way of learning.

I love many cards and to pick a few would be difficult, love the ones below ; in fact I wrote about “Lovers” and “Past life” card in detail.



 LettingGoimagesI remember getting “Let Go” card when I was trying to know future of a relationship. It was very difficult to accept but the card helped me to, as immediately I would get the next card as “Conditioning” where the lion is chained and among a flock of sheep and not aware of his true self. That’s how we let our true self be dominated and conditioned by other people.


Also I remember getting the above card “No-Thingness” often which would speak so aloud – “your life is a blank black board, write what you want to create” !


images (1)

One other time I remember doing a reading for a friend about how her spouse would be. I got below card among others and told her that though the marriage can be a love marriage but there would be a lot of travelling and adventure always in their relationship, they can never settle down at one place . I looked up slowly as I was skeptical of her response, to find her to my surprise gleaming with joy. I thought she would be upset instead she was jubilant as she wanted a person like this and her husband is a Navy personal and in 5 years of marriage they just traveled the world.




I know this was a long article but can’t help than pouring my heart about this deck. Thanks for reading! The deck was with me from 2000 – 2008 and in 2008 I lost a bag at Hyderabad International airport. I was crying profusely and was unable to explain how come some cards were so valuable. Immediately I thought of Zen’s detachment , it was time to let go of past for something new.

A new deck called Mythic Tarot came into my life and since then my learning has been exponential.

If you want to learn Osho Zen Tarot deck yourself check the Workshops section.

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  1. Kiran

    August 31, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    i want to learn zen osho.its amazing


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