Two Day Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop Experience

As soon as I entered the room ( 10 mins late as usual ) I saw a room full of 40+ people , including two Jain sadhwis and I was wondering where have I come . But when I saw Dr Newton’s Buddha like face I knew I am at the right place.

During first few hours of meditation, I saw my head reeling continuously and I had no control over myself whatsoever! There were tears and all sorts of other emotions. It was like I had an electric shock but a mild continuous one. I thought it’s just my mind unwilling to accept what was happening and I was restricting it. I inquired with Dr Newton apprehensively all he said was just not analyze the process let the experience be as is.

Later on I realized it was just trance.

I learnt so much about the real Karma theory not the distorted version which usually goes around.  The different levels of souls , how does the soul evolves.

Listed below are some of those eye-opening learning:

  • That we choose our parents. Soul marks the womb of the mother as wants to learn a particular lesson in that life.I have seen so many people blaming their spouses and God for giving them this particular life. But the truth is Soul chooses life. It’s purpose is not to lead a people approving life but to learn the Soul’s lesson for higher good of it’s divine self.
  • Instead of soul-mates we have soul group members. I had read Dr Weiss “Many Lives Many Masters” book , where he mentions that people take birth in groups.All my life I was looking for my soul- mate and use to wonder if everyone has only one soul mate why do we have multiple relationships? Not only we have soul group members but we also keep changing relationships. Like husband – wife to mother – son to enemies based on karmic connections and learning.
  • Our choices , likes/dislikes are mostly connected to Past Life. The reason we like a particular cuisine, long for going to a particular place , dress in a certain way , may also have Past Life karmic connection.
  • Our fears , almost all incurable diseases, chronic ailments are nothing but residues of Past Lives.

We practiced various types of meditations like communication with our body, facing our fears etc…

During one of the meditation I realized the past life connection of my fear of dogs. That day I could play with my friend’s dogs fearlessly for hours. My friend was amazed seeing the breakthrough, as I wont even go near them before !

I made a lot of great friends during the workshop, met healers from all corners of India – Reiki masters , Hypnotists , Occult Practitioners , Angel Therapists, Kundlani Masters and Medical Doctors.

By the end of the second day I resolved I want to share my learning with others and be a Past Life Regression Therapist. Learn and Teach , Teach and Learn



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