How I got initiated in PLR?

Where should I start I don’t know. I have meant to write about this from the first day of my 2 day workshop with Dr Newton Kondaveti on 4th Dec 2012.

My mom had undergone surgery and I was looking for a Reiki practitioner for her. I hired someone in Delhi ( where my family stays ) and my mom started recovering. That lady recommended “Past Life Regression Therapy” to my Mom. My mom called me up and told me and I was like “Mom it’s quite scary let us not dwell in there”. Then she said there is some senior guy in Hyderabad itself from whom everyone else has learnt so why don’t I go and check it out.

I called the lady , she was busy and told me would call back in an hour. By the time she called back I was watching a movie and I heard only one word…”Dr. Newton “ hard to forget.

Reached home Googled about it , found Life Research Academy which is hardly 2 kms from my house, called them up and after two days was attending their Past Life Regression workshop.


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