The Lovers Card

Valentines Day is celebrated worldwide as special day for lovers. Tarot has a special card for lovers toolovers_tarot_card-204x300

This is Osho‘s Lovers Major Arcana Card. The picture has vibrant red color and roses. There is a couple looking into each other’s eyes. There is a yellow radiating light coming out of their Third Eye Chakra and submerging into Crown Chakra . Their Heart Chakra is forming a shape of heart and they both are embracing each other with love and passion. This picture depicts as if they know what’s inside each other’s heart. They are looking into each other’s as the first level of love is through eyes or voice which is superficial. But when your love is in union with the Divine love and there is acceptance for each other than your heart starts beating together. There is oneness in heart and soul. Then the love is no longer superficial it transforms to divine Love. Then if you look into each other’s eyes you can look beyond beauty and peek into each other’s souls.

That was quite philosophical I guess.

We mostly buy gifts for our loved one’s to show our affection and love. Gifts for proposals, makeups, birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentine’s Day. But have you ever experienced that after giving a gift to a person things instead of improving or conveying the message became bad to worse? Find out more in my Valentines Day Gift post.



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