Deal with your pain, once for all

14 May

Deal with your pain, once for all
Life is all about experiences. If we are here on Earth on temporary basis, and soul wish to learn why not experience it fully.

Your boyfriend getting married deal with it. Your career at stake deal with it. Not getting married deal with it.

Cry your heart out, shout loud, shut urself from world, be alone and introspect. Do it fully, own it as you are definitely at source of it in one way or other. The moment you realise that you are no longer a victim, you transform to be a survivor. You don’t just change you transform, it’s rebirth and this time you chose to create how you want to be! What you want to be known for !

These lessons would not be many take full advantage if it. Give yourself a timeline ( I give myself three days, I know masters who do in 3 secs ) to go through all stages deny – sulk- brood – play victim – blame – feel guilty – confused – alone… Then ask your angels to help you, your Gaurdian angels in heaven and your parents and others on earth. Don’t skip any step, own your shit and clean up your act!

Create another biggger better game for yourself and juat take the leap of faith.

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Posted by on May 14, 2016 in Tarot


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