Tarot Card Reading Decks

There are very people who use more than one deck for reading which I do. I use multiple decks to give a more holistic tarot card reading which my clients have appreciated. 🙂

I have been fascinated by Tarot Cards and the beautiful decks ever since the day I held the Osho Tarot Deck in my hands. I have seen and studied many decks online but here I would give my personal views on all the decks I have personally used.

As I have shared before my dream is to create my own Tarot Deck some day. Ten years back I thought mine would be the first Indian Tarot deck but I guess I got pretty late as many Indian decks have come up recently. Nevertheless the quest is on and mine would be the most beautiful and best Indian Tarot Deck!! ( Dream On 🙂 )

Following is the increasing list of Tarot and Angel Cards deck I use. I would be writing a review about all of them

  1. Rider Waite Deck
  2. Mythic Tarot Deck
  3. Osho Zen Tarot Deck
  4. Sacred Indian Tarot Deck
  5. Archangel Oracle Cards
  6. Archangel Raphael Healing Oracle Cards
  7. The Romance Angel Oracle Cards
  8. Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards
  9. Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
  10. Angel Tarot Deck
  11. Past Life Oracle Cards
  12. Flower Therapy Oracle Cards
  13. Life Purpose Oracle Cards
  14. Angel Dreams Oracle Cards



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