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YES #AtPune now, I have shifted to Pune now to join my husband. Since June had been busy in shifting 2 houses, house hunting and settling down with new job and new place. Shifting is a delight for type A personality like me as it needs a lot of planning, organising and of course cleaning ūüėÄ ( its all in the beholders eyes after all ). Though it was hard leaving my practice in Hyd but I guess it is always a part of bigger plan.

We rented out a 3bhk in Baner where one room is suppose to be my Tarot room, apparently everything else is setup except that. My house is huge infact can have workshops at my place. It’s surrounded by Baner hill ideal for trekking and have nomads having horses, goats and other animals living nearby.

Life has changed so much! Started actually living the married life a.k.a getting UP at 7:30 am, cooking ALL meals, DRIVING to office, spending more than 9 hours in office on regular basis and regular weekend cleaning. Yeah I drive to and fro to office now and already had 2-3 minor to major accidents but all is well now.

I had been procastinating doing readings lately. Delegating my client readings to my students in Hyd. They also did 2 events in Hyderabad and will share about that in another post under Tarot Reading @ Events. Infact now my sister has more Angel decks than me and is on way to enroll for CACR course too!

So how come I am writing a post now?, Angels have mysterious ways to get work done. I had a slight right shoulder dislocation on last Saturday at New Delhi station during my post Diwali vacation. All is well now only thing I can’t drive for a while. So today on returning from office realised not having house key and am currently locked out. All of a sudden my sis pings on fb auguring me to post a blog. I took it as a sign reason being 2 days back when I got locked out ( yeah again!) in my french windows balcony, I landed up creating Heart Healing workshop event in Pune on Scheduled on 10th Feb, planning to have it from my house and do a 5 day Angel hosting before that. Hopefully Pune young crowd looking for heart healing before Valentine’s day would be interested!

So from this weekend onwards I am again starting teaching a student Tarot, setting up my Healing room and do meditation, shall share pics.

Lastly please pray for people stuck in #ChennaiFloods.















Heart Healing Workshop

Wow I am ecstatic to finally living and fulfilling my dream of designing, conducting and doing a workshop. I finished the slide pack in about 5 hrs¬†a night before and slept only for 4 hrs. I had the perfect number of participants my fav¬†8 for this workshop too. The workshop went for almost 9 hrs, 12 hrs¬†being at the venue interacting with participants. The group of all earth angels, all had major breakthroughs and went all out to resolve their issues and connect with their heart and guardian angels. Can’t sleep still…I am on high, thought of sharing some quick points and pictures. Thank you God and Angels to help me work on dream and life purpose. Big thanks to Preeti¬†Chugh to¬†help me create this¬†…:)


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Giving up what you love for someone you love might become cause of hatred tomorrow, instead do things that you hate as that will get u love and respect both…forever…

Random Thoughts

Love and Sacrifice


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Welcome new members to the family!

Welcome new members to the family!

Its been really long since I shared a post. Few days back I did write one but just before publishing it went Kaput ūüė¶ I think new word press default save is broken. Past one month¬†I have been shuttling between Pune and Hyderabad. My husband rented a new place in Pune and we are still settling down. Shifting stuff from Hyderabad, setting up the kitchen, shopping and hosting my in-laws! It was quite tiring along with all the travelling.

We invited new family members : Australian Love Birds , Tiger Fish and few flower plants. Just thought of sharing some pictures with you.

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The whole energy and vibration of the house has changed since they arrived. I just spend few minutes surrounded by them and feel relaxed.

If anyone had experience with pets and plants do share!

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Valentines Day, Whats in for you?


ValentinesDay – One more day to go

With Valentines day just around the corner, love is in the air. All around the internet sellers trying to cash into the opportunity by selling valentines day related gits and goodies. It has become more like a mandatory thing to buy a gift for your bf/gf/wife/husband in the name of symbol of love.Nevertheless, I personally loooove¬†this day. Afterall its the day to express and share your love , breathe in the romance and bathe in shower of beautiful gifts. We spend so much time and effort to be¬†in¬†a relationship so why miss an opportunity to celebrate it. Some of my favourite¬†cards related¬†to Love are Osho’s Lovers Card, Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angel Cards and Mythic Tarot 10 of Cups card.

So how do you usually celebrate this day? Do you celebrate in this at all ? Whats the significance of this day in your life ?

Please share your view with comments below!

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Should I ask him or her to be my Valentine?

With Valentines Day just around the corner many would be dealing with one of the following love related question:

Does he or she like me?
Should I give him or her a gift first or wait ?
Should I ask him or her out or not?
What does he or she think of me?
Can I trust him or her ?
Whats the future of this relationship?
Would he propose me ?
Should I go with X or Y ?

I know as I have dealt with all of the above questions, especially the last two. ūüėČ Thank goodness I am out of those tumultuous yet blissful time, but myself and Tarot can still help you.

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Affirmation to Manifest All that I Need and Want

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“I intend that I manifest all that I need and want. Archangel Michael removes all blockages so that I am fully open to receiving all that I need which comes from God, Love, Omniverse, the Source. Abundance is my Birthright, it comes to me now, I accept it and I am eternally Grateful for it.”

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