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2015 Tarot Predictions Video @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV Channel

Interested to know how is 2015 going to be for you. See below what Tarot says for your Sun Sign in 2015.

Finally I got the YouTube video of the Television show I did on local Telugu channel ABN Andhra Jyothi.

Since this was a live show of 1 hour, the video is long and divided into 3 parts.

Aries to Leo

Libra to Capricorn

Aquarius and Pisces

I did the predictions in English and the host translated it to Telugu language. This time I also covered all the important areas of one’s life like Health, Career, Relationships and Cosmic advise by angels. I also suggested remedies where needed and my mom helped me in adding recommended colors for each Sun Sign.

You may checkout my last years i.e. 2014 predictions here, and let me know how true were they for you!! Post your feedback in comments below.

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Valentines Day, Whats in for you?


ValentinesDay – One more day to go

With Valentines day just around the corner, love is in the air. All around the internet sellers trying to cash into the opportunity by selling valentines day related gits and goodies. It has become more like a mandatory thing to buy a gift for your bf/gf/wife/husband in the name of symbol of love.Nevertheless, I personally loooove this day. Afterall its the day to express and share your love , breathe in the romance and bathe in shower of beautiful gifts. We spend so much time and effort to be in a relationship so why miss an opportunity to celebrate it. Some of my favourite cards related to Love are Osho’s Lovers Card, Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angel Cards and Mythic Tarot 10 of Cups card.

So how do you usually celebrate this day? Do you celebrate in this at all ? Whats the significance of this day in your life ?

Please share your view with comments below!

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Should I ask him or her to be my Valentine?

With Valentines Day just around the corner many would be dealing with one of the following love related question:

Does he or she like me?
Should I give him or her a gift first or wait ?
Should I ask him or her out or not?
What does he or she think of me?
Can I trust him or her ?
Whats the future of this relationship?
Would he propose me ?
Should I go with X or Y ?

I know as I have dealt with all of the above questions, especially the last two. 😉 Thank goodness I am out of those tumultuous yet blissful time, but myself and Tarot can still help you.

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Valentines Day Gift – Beware of what not to give!

Happy Valentines week to all my readers.

We mostly buy gifts for our loved one’s to show our affection and love. Gifts for proposals, makeups, birthdays, anniversaries and of course Valentine’s Day. But have you ever experienced that after giving a gift to a person things instead of improving or conveying the message became bad to worse? Instead of person thanking you for the gift, fights started happening. There might be several physiological , expectations and other factors behind it but have you ever thought maybe your stars have a role to play in it.

I was asking my mom who is an Astrologer for advise on gifts but what she gave me is more valuable than what to gift .

She told me secret of WHAT NOT TO GIFT!! based on your stars which very few people know. If you gift things related to your strong planets they might have negative effect on you. Sometimes people may experience losses, bad health and arguments.

So here is the list

People who have Sun ( Surya ) strong should not gift gold in any form.

People who have Moon ( Chandra ) strong should not gift white sugar, ice-cream ,silver items and other white color things including white roses.

People who have Mars ( Mangal ) strong should gift jaggerry , red color things including red roses.

People who have Rahu strong should not gift electronic items including watches. If they have to they should take money or any gift in return .They should not gift dark chocolate also.

People who have Jupiter ( Guru ) strong should not gift any writing materials like notebooks and dairies. They should not gift in cash or pay for any kind of fees as charity. They should gift yellow roses instead of red roses.

People who have Saturn ( Shani ) strong should not use mustard oil, specially should not apply it on their body or hair. They should not give away money even in temples on Saturdays. They should not gift land , properties and shoes. Instead of red roses gifting black roses would be better for them.

People who have Mercury ( Budh )  strong should not gift any green color thing specially on Wednesdays. They should not take or give leather items like belts, bags, shoes. They should gift peach or pink color roses.

People who have Ketu strong should not gift free food. They should also not eat fishes or sea-food. They should gift dark chocolates instead of cream or milk chocolates.

People who have Venus ( Shukra) strong should not gift perfumes or clothes. They should gift white roses.

I personally know a couple who started talking of divorce after the wife bought a flat for her husband which they were anyways planning to buy. We analysed their birth charts for few days and couldn’t pin point the problem. During a casual chat we asked since when all this started happening and the girl’s mother promptly said after buying the girl gift the house. We know what the problem was as girl’s Saturn is very powerful. We immediately suggested some remedies and things started getting better.

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