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2014 Zodiac Signs Tarot Predictions

Interested to know how is 2014 going to be for you. See below what Tarot says for your Sun Sign in 2014.

Finally I got the YouTube video of the Television show I did on local Telugu channel ABN Andhra Jyothi.

I did the predictions in English and the host translated it to Telugu language. This time I also covered all the important areas of one’s life like Health, Career, Relationships and in General.

I also did predictions for major Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh. Find out…

  • Would Narendra Modi become the PM of India?
  • How is 2014 for Telegu Politics?
  • How is 2014 for I.T people?
  • How is 2014 for property and real estate?

You may checkout my last years i.e. 2013 predictions here, and let me know how true were they for you!!

Few things which I predicted last year came true , like

  • Jagan Mohan will come out of Prison in second half of the year, as it happened.
  • KCR will hear a good news , as it happened.
  • Telangana will get approval , as it happened.

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