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Affirmation for Healing Job Conflicts

Dear God,

My deepest desire is to be happy while I work, and I ask Your help so that I may find peace on the job. Please help me to be understood and understanding with everyone with whom I come into contact. Please clear me of any fear that trigger relationship conflicts in the work-place. I ask that You and the angels guide me to job responsibilities and tasks that match my interests and skills. I now visualize myself feeling happy when I wake up to go work in morning, and I ask Your assistance in manifesting this vision.


Few days back I had shared an Affirmation for New Job, for those of you who want to stick around with their current job waiting for a raise, or working your way towards a promotion or just dealing with conflicts this is the affirmation you shall relate with.

So just light a red or orange candle, use below picture of cards. The cards I chose are “Passion” depicting “Archangel Haniel” of Archangel Oracle Deck and “Solar Plexus Chakra” from Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck. Solar Plexus chakra is our power center just 2 fingers above the navel. If its balanced it would be of vibrant orange color else would get muddy due to impurities. Often when we loose our power so that last card “Take Your Power Back” of Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

PassionSolarPlexusChakratake back your power

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If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a “JOBSSPREAD” reading to analyse various career options and “BLOCK SPREAD” reading to understand who and what is causing these conflicts.

Also we can do “Tarot and Affirmations” or “Tarot Spells” to heal the job conflicts.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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Affirmation for Manifesting Money

I found this on internet and couldn’t resist to share with you guys.

” I know that everything is made of God and money also comes from that loving source, and I intend that an abundance of money is coming to me and I intend that I now have an unlimited supply of money in my life. There is plenty of Money to go around and I feel wonderful when I receive this money. Every time that I receive more money into my life I feel overjoyed!

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Affirmation to Manifest All that I Need and Want

download (1)

“I intend that I manifest all that I need and want. Archangel Michael removes all blockages so that I am fully open to receiving all that I need which comes from God, Love, Omniverse, the Source. Abundance is my Birthright, it comes to me now, I accept it and I am eternally Grateful for it.”

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Tarot Spells and Affirmations

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Last month I had written a post on Tarot Spells FAQ, and had a wonderful event at my home/center with few of my friends and clients.

One of my client who was looking for job or work from past 3 years and got a work assignment on the third day of doing the spell. He was a novice, did not have any expectations or pre-notions about Spells. He just followed the instructions like a child and it worked wonders for him.

One of my close friend also had a great experience when her boyfriend called, within 2 days of doing the spell to reconcile after a fight. She was delighted and quite happy.

Spells do not work in our desired favour always. They are more like powerful positive affirmations for what is best for us and inline with our higher purpose.

We may ask to clear a job interview and we don’t clear it. This is what happened with me when my cards fell during a spell and I knew what I am asking for is not in sync with my life’s purpose and higher goals. Though I got a second chance ( highly unlikely) for the same company but I declined as I felt that it would complicate my life more. Later, I had a very vivid dream informing me that offer was like entering a snakes den.

Another of my close friend was upset as her emotions were so heightened after doing the spell that she cried for days, but after that could easily let go of a suffering relationship

If things have to work in favour they would within few days, if not you would get clear messages and signs which would help you to make the choice.

Spells gives us the clarity and hint of the bigger picture,what we always crave for.

I inculcate both Tarot and Angels to do Spells and also create Spells specific to your needs.

So here I invite all of you to try Tarot Spells to invoke Magick in your life.

NOTE: This Friday 19-07-2013 and Sunday 21-07-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested, please contact me at 91-9985714012 or email at

PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against anyone’s will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

Hurry up limited slots!

Still Undecided…. Call me !!


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Miracles and Manifestations, for those who Believe


Thought comes before action. “Being”should call for action. I am sure we know that but then why are we so stuck at “What should I do “? Our mind is like a machine just playing games…what’s next, next and future. Cribbing about the past and worrying about the future. No now…where is now ?. We are happy for a moment we enjoy it, and then we want to control it and before we know we are again on – Oh wow it was so wonderful then! and When would it happen again ?

I don’t know why I wrote what I just wrote. Maybe because what I had been creating and affirming for a while, did not exactly happened as I wanted. It forced me to think what did I do wrong. I am a healer how can I not get what I want?

And just then I realised its my ego asking for it and not my inner wisdom.
“I” is my ego, which is stressing me out. Not letting me be happy. Giving me goals and making me run like a rat on a wheel… in circles.

So let me surrender now and leave my worries to the Angels.

Miracle is when u want something and whether you work for it or not, just with clear intentions, it happens.

Manifestation is when your every thought and action is in synch with what you want and it happens. Remember miracles do not happen all the time.

Take away from this, have faith, catch yourself when you are on that wheel and keep affirming!

After all everything happens for good.

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