Guided Meditation

Personal Consultation is available for any of the below services

Each guided meditation or healing process would be of approximately 1 hour for Rs 1000/-

For Love or Marriage related issues : 

  • Cutting the chords with Archangel Michael

  • Heart Chakra Meditation 

For Spirituality Enhancement :

  • Third Eye Chakra Meditation

  • Guided Meditation to connect with your Gaurdian Angel and Ascended Masters

  • Guided meditation to connect with Angels

  • “Akashik” records retrieval 

  • Connecting with your Inner Child

For health and abundance:

  • Guided meditation for “Abundance”

  • Chakra Healing with “Mother Earth”

  • Chakra Healing with “Archangel Rafael”

  • Guided meditation for “Body dialogue”

Contact Details :  Based in Hyderabad, call at 09985714012 for appointment.


Online Payment Details : Please transfer money online in this account.

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