Taurus 2013 Predictions

TAURUS The Hierophant, The Devil, Knight of Pentacles MAJ05S MAJ15SPKNS People with Taurus Sun Sign are mostly were haughty and aggressive. This year also they will face situations which might bring out anger in them. Hence they should exercise self control. Avoid getting into arguments.There are new opportunities for middle age and young men. One can venture into creative projects. Trust your intuition and try to find the root cause of your anger and resolve it. Angel Card Archangel Uriel : You know what to do You Know what to do

” Trust your inner knowledge, and act upon it without delay ” Analyse your self and your behaviour. Believe in everything is happening for a reason. Situations and people around them is to teach them a karmic lesson. They should and believe in their inner wisdom. Check out what’s in store for your friends and family member’s Sun Sign


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