Tarot Learning Workshop – Level 1 @ Hyderabad

Tarot Learning Workshop – Level 1 @ Hyderabad


On high public demand launching Tarot Learning Workshop first of its kind in Hyderabad. It would be a two day workshop where all the Tarot Basics would be covered and you would learn how to do Tarot for self, near and dear ones and also take it up as a profession if you want.

Group dynamics has a different level of learning where you not only learn from the one conducting the workshop but also with your co-participants. Tarot is a great self-introspection tool and something which gets honed more you practice and more you do for others. Many of you might have already had a deck and used it also but here you would learn different aspects of Tarot and get a chance for doing for others and when those predictions would come true it will give you confidence to continue.



Send me a mail at and will share the whole course sessions for two days.

“Let Tarot be a guide to your day to day issues”

When : 28 Feb to 1st March

Course Fee : Rs 12000/-

Payment Mode : Cash or Online transfer here.


BOOK your seat by paying the half amount by 11th Feb and get Rs 1000/- discount.

EMAIL ME or WhatsApp me or any further information @ 9985714012

* Venue to be decided based on number of participants
* Anyone who wants to repeat the course is welcome, reply back would let you know the charges.
Still thinking about it, find answers to all your questions in Tarot Learning FAQs

You can start your own practice and start earning within 1 month of Basic Course.


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