Tarot Reading @ Vizag for Sangeet function

Last weekend I travelled to Vizag a.k.a Vishakapatnam ( Andhara Pradesh )  for a Tarot Reading event and had to design a banner for the event.

FinalBannerOne of the reason this was important because people come and ask about “Parrot” reading instead and start fiddling with my cards.

This was one of the star attraction event , I had to handle crowd of about 200-300 people for 4-5 hours. Initially I was concerned about my voice as even if it was 30 people explaining each one of them about Tarot , what to ask , what not to ask …. that’s when the banner came in handy. I had put some regular common questions in the banner and it did help.

I had to travel alone as none of my friends could get a leave and my dear hubby had  3 dogs to take care of ! The event management took care of my travelling expenses. I stayed at my husband room mates family house ; amazing hospitality offer by his mom and sister.

Anyways, I arrived at event on time, the event management had set up a beautiful set as shown in pics below. It went really well. As usual I had a bunch of girls coming over and asking questions related to love life etc. I had one beautiful young girl about to get married who was sayings he was very happy but I didn’t see any cups suit cards in her reading. I probed her and eventually she spilled she does feel a lack of connection and is hopeful things would be bright later. I counselled her to meet him before marriage, hangout and get to know his would be and she was little reluctant at first, later agreed.

She did call me today morning informing she spent time with the guy and was glad I advised her so as many things had to be sorted out which they could. Even in a crowd of 200 I can help and transform life of one person, I think I am “being of service to God!”

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