Tarot Reading Event @ Novotel July 2013

I had another amazing event last week at Novotel Hotel Hyderabad Convention Center. The lovely manager Noorayn has become a friend and despite it being one day before my “Tarot Spell” event I had to go.

When I reached the place, as usual I was mistaken for being a guest and had to explain the staff that I am here to put up a stall for Tarot. They all seem puzzled, until the manager came to my rescue. I setup my stall on time and had guest pouring in immediately. Most of them were HR heads of the Accor company.

The ambience was traditional Hyderabadi, all guests were suppose to wear Juti’s and bangles and sit in Shamiyana setup for dining with live Gazals singers singing in background. The crowd was lovely and I had my first guest at 8pm and the event continued till 11:55 pm. I did reading for almost 10 people back to back without break. It’s amazing how I could channel myself for so long.

I love doing Tarot events, especially as I only have a window of 1-2 mins to introduce clients to Tarot, give a general prediction and connect with them. I do a 3 card general reading for them and have to be very accurate in it to gain client’s confidence. I feel so good when I am able to connect with them so quickly and accurately. After that I let them ask questions without giving me much of information.

They were amazed with my accuracy. I remember the senior most person saying that “You are very good, where did you learn?, You were bang on correct on my burning concern”. I proudly answered from my Mom.

There was one other guy who was concerned about his career but when I told him that its relationships which are more important for him right now and once those are taken care of all would fall through, he was shocked. “He said I did not expect this at all, thanks for letting me know”.

I met a dynamic lady who is a single mom of two , taking care of her parents and managing everything with a beautiful smile. When I got “Hanged Man” for her I knew she was exhausted and has so much reverence for all her efforts. As I asked her do you feel tired – she said yes, I am exhausted but I love it.

There was a lady who just popped a question, can you tell me I would have a baby girl or boy putting a hand on her belly . I have been cautioned by my mom to not answer such question as people might react differently. You don’t want to be responsible for such stuff. I told her I can’t answer and after she persists saying she wanted to shop accordingly, how sweet 🙂 ; I took  a card for her and it was “Page of Wands” , so told her “its male energy which might mean you might have a boy, but can also mean that even if the child is girl would have dominant male energy.”

If you have first few clients going back happy, be ready for a roll. People will starting queuing up and I would have to keep a diary or token system as who is next. Its gives me adrenaline rush.

Another things I learn from such events is patterns in life of people who are so successful in their career. We might think our burning issue is only career, but it’s mostly relationships and health. Maybe because they get neglected when one works and focuses on one’s career. I also tend to do that a lot and it’s just the gentle reminder from the universe to set priorities straight given the time.

Balance, balance and balance. Without marriage or relationships your job is not fulfilling. High salaries doesnt not and can not compensate for ill-health. We know it, but since we forget it, we often need reminders.

Everybody took my business cards and promised to get back for further session. Looking forward to meet them and know how true were my predictions.

As usual by the time I wind up the staff had started packing and I was the last person to leave, and I forgot to ask someone to take my picture.



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