Accept Defeat Don’t Pretend

19 Feb

This is a very beautiful excerpt from the book “Power of The Heart”. Its resonates with what I want to advice or just share with many people out their who are in setback due to Mercury Retrograde creating issues at work, relationships or anything related to communication.

” When you are defeated and you suffer, don’t pretend that you are spiritually superior. Sit down and cry. Say “Oh my God, why did you forsake me ?” You are allowed to cry, you are allowed to be defeated, don’t try to avoid suffering, this is just cheating yourself. But give it a time frame, let’s say one week, one month whatever. And then suffer with all your strength. You know? Say, ” Okay, I am going to suffer, I am going to cry, I am not going to eat, I am going to eat a lot, I am going to do this, I am going to do that, I am going to complain, I am going to insult sometimes the divine energy. ” But then you say to yourself, ” Okay, this is part of life.” Don’t give up, you live this situation with the strength that you did not know you had. Don’t be coward enough to avoid suffering. Suffer! That’s not wrong.” #PauloCoelho

I myself had a major setback two days before my first workshop. It was very difficult for me to accept immediately. I can cry on top of a hat which I did almost the whole day. I had my last MBA exam the next day and wasn’t able to focus. I didn’t eat at all. Slept off woke up late on Saturday morning.

I had a few missed calls from a lady who was looking for a Tarot Reader for a luncheon party. She was a construction tycoon. I thanked Angels and immediately after reaching ITC Kakatiya, and a few interactions with clients forgot all about it. I started enjoying as guest flocked to my table deserting other reader’s table. I over ate the scrumptious lunch and went to write my exam and got an excellent grade.

Yes I was still pondering and brooding over the loss but I don’t have to go through all the drama again and again in my life. Its just an experience which calls for a learning.

And being in Past Life work ending life is no solution and actually making it more difficult for your next life. So please don’t give up just yet.

Saturday night after my exam I reached home to find my phone and TV not working at #ValentinesDay evening. I missed all my #RomedyNow movies. 😦 But I took it as a sign from Angels, to focus for my workshop and I did. I prepared a great ppt for my workshop in just four hours. Slept for 4 hours.

Sunday morning I reached the venue and happy Ro meet all the participants. The workshop was great. With help of Angels I could generate my self for almost 12 hours and participants loved it.

Again the ecstasy of workshop success died down at dawning of gloomy Monday. I could see I was trying to pretend all is well missing the opportunity to release by grieving.

I usually give myself three days times to sulk, go in my cave to crib and cry. I do that everywhere, in auto or in office. Just being honest to myself. And after some time like a epiphany the acceptance comes.

It takes time, with practice three days can be reduced to three minutes as the Landmark leaders do. I always remind myself of an anecdote when a Landmark leader got a news about his father’s demise few minutes before he had to lead a crowd of 300+ people. He took 3 minutes to grieve and generate himself. I still had a days time, my problem was too small and had only 8 people to lead.

So CRY your heart out, till you can let go and remember this too shall pass!

And I am there to hear out your story if you need. Share how do you cope up with sudden setbacks ? What is your cope up mechanism? Would love to hear. Post your thought in comment below 🙂

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