Cards Review : Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue


Last month ( Dec 2012) during my Past life Regression workshop, there was a divine lady from Mumbai sitting in front of me who was into a lot of divination tools. During introductions she said Angel Readings and I knew I had to speak to her in the break.

In the break, we were 4-5 girls in a group having tea and I loudly said that “I can’t sleep on full moon (Poornima) or No Moon ( Amavasya ) nights”. She hushed me and said softly may be your energies are affected by moon cycles and there are many others who also undergo similar experience. In a low voice she said reason can be that your energies are awakening or may be “Spirits”. I wasn’t able to hear her and asked her to speak loudly. She said dear people don’t like such talks. I was like but we all are a group of healers here right. Immediately all the other girls started talking about their healing practices and don’t know how the topic shifted from spirits to Angles. They were all talking about their experiences…that everybody have Spirit guides and Angels and how to invoke Angels…  Doreen Virtue Cards… one also claimed to know her Angel’s name!!

In a group of 40 + it seems like only I was not aware of Doreen Virtue Angel Cards.

That night I searched for “Doreen Virtue Angels Cards” online and ordered my first deck from eBay. The received them after 15 days and when I saw them I could only just say WOW!!

They are so beautiful have nice descriptive Angels pictures. They come with a CD and a guide book about how to cleanse the cards from all negative energy, how to keep them, how to use them and details about various spreads.

There are 15 Archangels which are depicted in 3 dimensions hence 45 cards. Each card has a message written on it. Unlike common decks, these cards have been drawn and painted by different artists.

I did my first usual 3 card reading and could hardly understand much and went to sleep.

Next day one of my roommate’s friend came and I told her about Angel Cards and she started sharing her experience with Angels, Angels Healing and how powerful are they.

After few days I had to travel for an event and was dead tired sitting in the non-stop bus feeling very cold. I just remembered few Archangels names specially “Archangel Michael” who is a protector. I just asked him to protect me and help me travel. Within seconds I felt warmness around me and had a sound sleep. When I woke up after 2 hours I was surprised that my temperature had gone, my back ache wasn’t there and I was relaxed.

I continued using the deck for my personal reading and would always get “Archangel Metatron” card about “Chakra Healing”. Many people had suggested “Chakra Healing” to me and I was looking for a Reiki healer to learn, but wasn’t able to find. Every day I would get that card no matter how many times I shuffle. So one day I asked my cards how to open my chakras and I got card of “Archangel Gabriel of “Creative Writing”. I just took a pen and wrote a letter to Angels to help me and guide me to do Chakra Healing.

I wrote affirmations spontaneously and within few days my life changed. I started getting clients who were dealing with problems I could relate to and healing them healed me. My health improved. I found a Reiki master and learnt Reiki. I also bought an Aventurine Crystal Angel and since the day I held her my life isn’t same.

I shall share rest of my experiences so far in the following posts.

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