Past Life Regression

Past life or Karma theory is nothing new to all of us. We would have heard about it in colloquial or comments from our parents since childhood. Like “Don’t know because of which past life bad karma I have to suffer this ” , ” I wonder what past life revenge you are taking from me ” or very trendy these days is “Karma is a bitch , it bites back for sure ” ( I heard this one on The Real Housewives of New Jersey 🙂 )

You can know how I got initiated into PLR here. Below I have mentioned few facts and myths of Past Life Regression Therapy.


  • “I would be hypnotized ?” No, hypnotism is just one of the techniques but not mandatory. There are many other techniques which does not need hypnotism.
  • “I would lose control of my self ?” Unlike how it is shown in the movies, therapist can not control the mind of a client, you can not be made to do things unwillingly.
  • “What if I do not come back from Past Life ?” Regression is mostly done in medium trance state where the client remembers what all they saw or were saying. Mostly they are also aware of their surroundings in the room. Just a touch and voice can get you out of trance.
  • “Would I remember everything ?” Yes , one does remember most of the things. If you do not want to share any thing personal with the therapist , you would be able to filter it too.


  • Trance is just an altered state of consciousness. It is a sleep like state, conscious but deeply relaxed.
  • We all are multi-dimensional beings with many levels of consciousness and awareness
  • Past Life therapy primary concern is not only to alleviate the symptoms, but also to understand the dynamics and attitudes which support the symptoms.
  • It help us to dwell into getting answers to “Why” questions.

The soul knows everything. At a deeper level a person knows the source and the solution of a given problem. You control the session not the therapist who is just a guide or a facilitator in your past life journey.

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