My Spiritual Journey

I have been intrigued by the super power and fascinated by all the mysteries of universe since childhood and here I share my story.

Spirituality being deeply rooted in my blood, Shubhra started using Tarot Cards from 17 years of age (2003) when my mother who is a renowned Astrologer – Sushma Jain handed her first Tarot Deck. A decade since, Tarot cards are not just a divination tool for me but a personal guide and integral part of my life. I started with doing it for her friends and family members who would not tell their questions also to her and ask her to predict. Determined to make a difference, took it as a challenge and have made many accurate predictions. Then I started doing it on Orkut for unknown people which helped her to increase her psychic powers.

Unlike other readers I do not charge per question as I believe life’s questions are often interrelated and need a holistic view. I use several decks including Angel Cards and working on creating her own deck. I have done many events including guest shows on radio – All India Radio and television – ABN News Channel.

I also teach Tarot and Angel Cards and provide online training too. I believe one cannot learn meaning of each card but can just establish communication with them and will get all the answers. I am one of the few Tarot Readers in India who does Tarot Spells for manifesting things in one’s life.

Her interest and passion in empowering others motivated her to learn many other related healing sciences. Communicating with Angels and learning Angel Healing helped her to get peace and harmony in personal relationships.

I had terrible fear of dogs and experienced knee pain while meditating, that pushed her to learn Past Life Regression and has re-experienced almost 10 past lives till now. I am a certified Past Life Regression Therapist now and helps her clients solving hidden issues with womb regression, age regression, breath-work and inner child work.

In order to resolve her own blocked Throat Chakra, I learnt Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing and Reiki, now I help her client to unblock their chakras through the same.

I specialize in helping people having a breakthrough in their relationship patterns. I believe in creation and manifestations by affirmations and always motivate my clients to do the same. Most important is I can balance traditional knowledge and modern living and advice accordingly.

I firmly believe one need not be a master in order to share the learning; after all we all are part of one universe.


You may share your views

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