What questions you can ask Tarot?

Whenever I start a Tarot Reading for anyone first question I ask whether they know about Tarot? Mostly the answer is no or just what they would have seen on the T.V.

Then I go ahead and not only give a small introduction to Tarot but also what questions they can ask to Tarot and how it is different from other seeking tools like Astrology, Numerology and all.

Even after repeatedly telling people that the Tarot can not answer “when” or any question related to time per se, most of the questions I get are,

1. When would I get married?

2. When would I get promoted?

3. When can I start my own business? and others of same kind.

So I thought it would make sense to jot down a few common and relevant questions one can take Tarot’s help to seek answers for:


  • How can I move forward in my career?
  • What people think about me in my work place?
  • What should I do to get recognised or promoted?
  • What should I beware of or avoid at workplace?
  • What does my boss think of me?
  • What are the chances of my job change?
  • Should I change job or continue in same organisation?


  • How is the chemistry between my spouse/wife/friend and me?
  • What does other person think of me?
  • What can I do to improve this relationship?
  • Can I trust this person?


  • All choice base questions , which one to choose?
  • Is this choice in line with my overall plan?
  • What should I do to make best choice?

These are just the common set of questions which we all usually have. I know when we want to plan , we want to  know when things are happening but before that we should be very clear of what we want  and better understand ourselves , Tarot can help you in that.


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