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Affirmation to Manifest All that I Need and Want

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“I intend that I manifest all that I need and want. Archangel Michael removes all blockages so that I am fully open to receiving all that I need which comes from God, Love, Omniverse, the Source. Abundance is my Birthright, it comes to me now, I accept it and I am eternally Grateful for it.”

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Relationship Harmony

Relationship Harmony

This prayer says all,

Thankyou Archangel Raguel , for healing my relationship with _____and helping us both to let go, forgive, and have compassion for the other person’s point of view.

Courtesy Doreen Virtue Archangels 101

If you need any specific affirmation for healing particular relationship, do contact me at


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Angel Healing

Erik Berglund is an internationally renowned Artist and Healer and for me he is a living Angel. If you do not believe me visit his website and check yourself.

I happen to speak to him during one of the phone sessions and his voice is amazing. He can actually very accurately help you identify the root cause of your issue and suggest affirmations and number chanting for Angel Healing.

I followed his advice and was doing Angel Healing for my mom on 2013 first Full Moon night.

I kept her picture in front of me, drew some Reiki symbols and healing numbers on her pictures, played some soothing Angel voice music I found on web, burnt some aromatic candles and starting praying to Archangels to heal her.

Intuitively I felt I should use my Angel Cards for healing and I took my cards, shuffled them and pick out the number of cards I felt I should. I believed the cards which I get are the kind of messages for my mother. I started praying to all the Archangels of the cards in my hand to give her respective healing. For example I got an Archangel Ariel card of Strength and prayed the Angels to give her strength.

Similarly I started doing for my brother, sisters and friends. Just thinking about them would take a number of cards. Whichever Angel Card comes, I ask those Archangels to heal them.

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Check out my new banner for Tarot Reading event in Vizag


I am travelling to Vizag a.k.a Vishakapatnam ( Andhara Pradesh ) today for a Tarot Reading event and need to design a banner for the event. One of the reason this is important because I don’t want people to come and ask about “Parrot” reading instead and start fiddling with my cards. Its 5 a.m. in morning I am trying my first hand in Photoshop and also trying to remember paint brush 🙂 . Eventually I ask my creative Archangel to come and help me and thanks to them I could finish this in time and email the event management company for print. I am happy with what I came up with in such a short time…it seems professional and attractive!

I am very excited for this as this is one of the star attraction event , I would have to handle crowd of about 200-300 people for 4-5 hours. I am more concerned about my voice as even if I do for 30 people I would have to explain each one of them about Tarot , what to ask , what not to ask …. that’s why I put some regular common questions in the banner. Hope this time this helps 🙂

Moreover I have to travel alone as none of my friends could get a leave and my dear buddy had dogs to take care of ! I am planning to visit Aruku on Monday, which is part of Nilgiri Hills. Last time when I was in Vizag I couldn’t go but this time I would go anyhow !

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