How to beat summer with water?

25 Apr

Follow up to the previous article on When to drink water? Now I have added drinking a glass of water before taking bath to my daily regimen.

Today I would be sharing what I do to survive Hyderabad scrotching heat:

By the time I get up Sun is overhead :p

I get up heat a cup of water and brave it to drink along with my Alevora juice.
Then a drink a glass of normal water.
I buy some unripe coconut and keep with me and drink atleast 4 times a week
I make some buttermilk and put it in a bottle to carry to office.
Then I make some Lipton ice tea and again put in a supper to drink while my ride to office.
I have a smart orange sports water bottle which I keep refilling every 3-4 hrs.


I have habit since childhood of drinking half glass of warm water before meal and only 2 sips after a meal.
After reaching home from work I mix cold and normal water and have atleast 2 glasses of it, I love that combination
Atlast a glass if water before bed and be it summer or winter I always have a litre of water filled next to my bed.

And my mom taught me a new quick technique to get instant relief even if you are in Sun….shall share it next time.

Do share how is summer at your place and how you are

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