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2014 Tarot Predictions Shooting @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV Channel

Its me on TV again… ūüôā

I was invited by Mr¬†Raghu¬†on Wed 25th Dec 2014 from¬†Andhra¬†Jyothi¬†‚Äės¬†Telugu¬†TV¬†channel ABN TV for doing another show on Tarot Predictions for 2014. This time I was alone and my husband, then friend who had accompanied me last time was in another city. But I was confident and excited. Confident as I had previous TV¬†appearance¬†experienced now .Excited to wear the lovely saree my mom gifted me for my wedding.¬†

Unlike last time I used 5 tarot and angel cards decks this time , The Mythic Tarot Cards , Oracle Angel Cards, The Romance Angel Oracle Cards,  The Archangel Rafeal Angel Oracle cards, Magical messages from Fairies Angel Oracle Cards.

I also shared few Feng Shui and health related tips . This way I covered 5 important areas like General, Relationships, Career, Health and Finances for each zodiac sun sign.

Check out what I predicted last year for your sun sign. Do share your feedback

2013-12-26 (1)



Shall upload the telecast YouTube video tomorrow, wait and watch !!


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Tarot Reading for Self


Doing Tarot Reading for one-self is quite different in comparison to doing for others. One of the major reason being you are the one who is asking ¬†the question and you only¬†answer them :-). Also it might lead to a series of questions which I like to call as “cascading effect”.

Eg, You are asking should you do A or B , or how would A choice be for you than B choice.You get a Four of Cups for A and 2 of Wands for B. As soon as you see Four of Wands you get inquisitive and want to know why? What would cause that situation? Who all are trying to influence you? and there you go ( ignoring the 2OW) …before you know you have most of the cards out and left more confused than before.

Hence 6 important tips for doing Tarot for Self

  1. Keep a notepad or writing pad with pen / pencil handy. A personal diary would be best.
  2. Write all your questions before doing Tarot.
  3. Beside the each question write the Tarot cards you picked up for that question. You may also write your understanding and interpretation but mentioning the cards is vital. You may use abbreviations for eg 2OW ( 2 of wands ) , KOS ( King of Swords ) etc.
  4. Note the date of reading, anything special about that day to remember by.
  5. Note the Tarot Deck you used too.
  6. Read the questions and answers once before closing the reading and if anything is unclear pick a card for gaining more clarity.

You may also record the reading session.

Following the above would avoid you to fall into the trap where you keep on taking out cards till you get the answer you want! You can always come back and read your predictions for self after some days and analyse them, then you may realise the significance of noting down the exact cards for each question. As maybe when you were doing the reading you were so emotional and missed some important signs.

These are very basic but essential things to remember while doing Tarot for One-Self, else like in the picture above you would have most of the cards out and no clear answer!


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Check out your Sun Signs Tarot Predictions for 2013

Many people had been asking me to put the predictions I did on television on my blog.  Last night after reaching home from work at 12 midnight, I stayed up till 7 am and finished putting up writing blogs for all 12 Sun signs Рthere Tarot and Angel Cards predictions with nice pictures. I hope you like it.

Aries 2013 Tarot Predictions

Gemini 2013 Tarot Predictions

Taurus 2013 Tarot Predictions

Cancer 2013 Tarot Predictions

Leo 2013 Tarot Predictions

Libra 2013 Tarot Predictions

Virgo 2013 Tarot Predictions

Scorpio 2013 Tarot Predictions

Sagittarius 2013 Tarot Predictions

Capricorn 2013 Tarot Predictions

Aquarius 2013 Tarot Predictions

Pisces 2013 Tarot Predictions

Feel free to comment or like the post

If you are interested to know how year 2013 would be for you personally ,

Contact me for Tarot Reading or Angel Card Reading or Learning Tarot via email-


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2013 Tarot Predictions shooting @ ABN Andhra Jyothi TV channel.

On Fri 28th Dec 2013 , Asst Producer Mr Raghu from¬†Andhra¬†Jyothi¬†‚Äės¬†Telugu¬†TV¬†channel ABN TV , invited me for doing a special show on Tarot Predictions for 2013. I was very excited but then immediately¬†was concerned about language. ABN TV being local Telugu channel would need a¬†Telegu¬†speaking person. I expressed my concern to the creative directive Ms Sudha and she said she would be having an anchor who would translate it accordingly.

They wanted me to come the very next day but somehow I got one more day to arrange for items and prepare. I had long weekend coming up and I had some pre-planned stuffs for 4 days , watching movie daily , my friend’s Bday plans for 30th Dec , New year party plans what not.

I was so tensed, I was so excited, I was so scared.

Saturday evening I went looking for a crystal ball. Crystals¬†I thought they would be nice props‚Ķ found none.¬†I¬†didn’t¬†even find good thick candles. Sunday morning tired after coming back from late night party, had an¬†impromptu¬†guest for overnight stay ‚Äď a friend who wanted me to do PLR for her. Since I was so tired I just did¬†Tarot reading¬†for her. By the time we slept it was too late. I woke up tensed,¬†immediately¬†opened my laptop and started searching for what other were saying for 2013 predictions. I was so tensed what to wear, what shoes‚ĶI thought I would get artificial nails done as focus would be on my hands and¬†didn’t¬†find one¬†parlor¬†in Hyderabad ( I called 10-15¬†parlors¬†) . Shooting was¬†scheduled¬†for evening 3 pm and by noon I was freaking out. Picked a fight with Mom‚Ķ called Dad¬†complaining¬†about her and what not¬†:-(

Eventually I calmed down , discussed how to do Tarot for different¬†celebrity¬†types ‚Äď Politicians, Actors, Sports person¬†etc‚Ķ She was giving me so much information.¬†integration¬†of Tarot and Astrology, suggestion of crystals based on Sun Signs and what not and I was again¬†scared. Only after some ‚ÄúMorale‚ÄĚ boosting from my dear friend and Mom I was ready to go.

Reached the venue, met Raghu gentle soul , met producer…got make-up touch up done, met the crew, Mr Phani the anchor… only when I reached the set I realized the table was too small !! Boom next two hours went by to figure out a table, everything had to rearranged , cameras , lights , there is so much technicality.

By the time we started I was so exhausted. Thank God we munched on masala dosa before hand else we would have starved too.

I also got to know all the celebrity of whom I had to do the Tarot Reading, were actually Politicians. I got so scared, I called my mother immediately concerned about what if they tell me to predict 2014 election on television. Andhra Pradesh is on a crucial stage where there are talk of separate Telengana sate , what if they tell me to predict that. I can do it but not on television please. My mom gave me some professional tips and I was finally ready.

Then I did tarot for 12 Sun Signs some 5 political leaders , Andhra Pradesh as state and India as country. It went well, I would post the details about the predictions in my next post along with some pictures.


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Check out my new banner for Tarot Reading event in Vizag


I am travelling to Vizag a.k.a Vishakapatnam ( Andhara Pradesh )¬†today for a Tarot Reading event and need to design a banner for the event. One of the reason this is important because I¬†don’t¬†want people to come and ask about “Parrot” reading instead and start fiddling with my cards. Its 5 a.m. in morning I am trying my first hand in¬†Photoshop¬†and also trying to remember paint brush ūüôā . Eventually I ask my creative Archangel to come and help me and thanks to them I could finish this in time and email the event management company for print. I am happy with what I came up with in such a short time…it seems professional and attractive!

I am very excited for this as this is one of the star attraction event , I would have to handle crowd of about 200-300 people for 4-5 hours. I am more concerned about my voice as even if I do for 30 people I would have to explain each one of them about Tarot , what to ask , what not to ask ….¬†that’s¬†why I put some¬†regular common¬†questions in the banner. Hope this time this helps ūüôā

Moreover I have to travel alone as none of my friends could get a leave and my dear buddy had dogs to take care of ! I am planning to visit Aruku on Monday, which is part of Nilgiri Hills. Last time when I was in Vizag I¬†couldn’t¬†go but this time I would go anyhow !

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I AM Archangel Michael, Archangel of Peace and Love, and bringer of the Light. I come to you this day through this channel who has agreed to bring my messages forth with a level of clarity that is rarely found.

 My message to you today is simple yet profound. As you get closer to the Ascension portals I spoke with you about the other day you are also getting closer to becoming your true Selves. I bring to you today a short introduction to your true Self.

 Your true Self is that part of you that remained behind when you first decided to incarnate here on Planet Earth. It is the essence of who you are, your God Self. As you near the Ascension portals I spoke of before you will start to merge with your true Self. This merging will bring about a new level of consciousness within yourselves that will astound you.


You will start to remember who you are and where you come from right the way through to the origins of your being. You will know how to do things that you previously thought were impossible. Your level of wisdom will shoot sky high as your brain starts to function at full capacity. Your DNA will start to upgrade to that of a higher dimensional being and you will find yourself capable of doing things you previously thought impossible.

 This level of consciousness is available to all who choose to go through the Ascension portals in the next coming weeks. Your Ascension is the key to your return to true Self. Ascension is the home coming vehicle that will bring you back to your true Self.

 In the next upcoming weeks you will all get the chance to return to your true Selves and experience the magnificent beings you truly are. This opportunity will not come again for some of you for the next thousand years. For others it will come again soon but not without you having to experience a few more lifetimes here in duality.

 It is up to you if you choose this time to return to your true Self. No one can make that decision for you, only you. For those of you who have chosen to return to your true Self, know that we are with you every step of the way. We will be with you guiding you and showing you the way back to your true Self.

 That’s all I have for you today. We will speak again tomorrow.

 ~ Thank you Michael.


Copyright © Debbie Erasmus. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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Tarot Reading @ Novotel Hotel Hyderabad

I got a call from the lovely event manager of Novotel inviting me to do Tarot Reading for one of their events. The event was about welcoming their new General Manager and the guests were top clientèle of Novotel Hotels, top honchos of various top companies of Hyderabad.

The event was on Saturday evening and as I entered the venue hall I could sense the great crowd, music, food and drinks.

As soon as I was done setting up I had people queuing up for a reading. I asked each and every person did they know about Tarot (Only 2% knew about it and only 1% had got it done before). Then I explain them a little bit about Tarot and how it is different from Astrology  including what all questions I can or can not answer for them like the ones specified here

As I shared the guest consist of all typical A type personalities : career oriented , successful and nothing seem to be enough for them. Every single one of them asked first question about their career.How is my career going? When would I get the next promotion? When would I make more money?

All these questions are very important for them and I could really relate with them . What was amazing was that most of them were also concerned about their spouses career and work life balance. At this stage of life also they were open to learn more , grow more and do something different ! I think that what makes a  acheiver.

I don’t want to divulge into more questions as part of respecting clients privacy , but only want to point out that no matter whether someone is successful or not , everybody has there own set of problems and we should always continue to grow and be open to new experiences.

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