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Affirmation for Healing Job Conflicts

Dear God,

My deepest desire is to be happy while I work, and I ask Your help so that I may find peace on the job. Please help me to be understood and understanding with everyone with whom I come into contact. Please clear me of any fear that trigger relationship conflicts in the work-place. I ask that You and the angels guide me to job responsibilities and tasks that match my interests and skills. I now visualize myself feeling happy when I wake up to go work in morning, and I ask Your assistance in manifesting this vision.


Few days back I had shared an Affirmation for New Job, for those of you who want to stick around with their current job waiting for a raise, or working your way towards a promotion or just dealing with conflicts this is the affirmation you shall relate with.

So just light a red or orange candle, use below picture of cards. The cards I chose are “Passion” depicting “Archangel Haniel” of Archangel Oracle Deck and “Solar Plexus Chakra” from Angel Therapy Oracle Card Deck. Solar Plexus chakra is our power center just 2 fingers above the navel. If its balanced it would be of vibrant orange color else would get muddy due to impurities. Often when we loose our power so that last card “Take Your Power Back” of Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

PassionSolarPlexusChakratake back your power

#thecosmichealing #shubhstarot

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If you want have a deeper understanding, can do a “JOBSSPREAD” reading to analyse various career options and “BLOCK SPREAD” reading to understand who and what is causing these conflicts.

Also we can do “Tarot and Affirmations” or “Tarot Spells” to heal the job conflicts.

Check out other healing Affirmations here.

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Happy International Women Week

Happy Women’s Day to all you beautiful women out there!!!

Let us take some time and pay homage to Feminine Spiritual Energy of the world.


How special was today for you ( For women in Asia)? How are you planning to spend your day today ( For women in US and Europe)

What’s on your mind, troubling you? What requires healing and astrological intervention?

Come forward… share with us …post your comments…. after all we are a unique sisterhood.


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Last 21 days

I had not share this before but I had a surgery on 4th Feb 2013 . The first surgery of my life. I was told I would be well , up on my feet and back to work from 4-7 days. Its 21st day today and still I feel little frail and drained out. This past month have been amazing as I got to see a vulnerable side of myself and love of people who really care about me. Specially those 4 hours after surgery when you can not even have water, I can vouch for it, its traumatizing. Your body is in shock , you can not move even if you want to ( due to local anaesthesia ).

Anyway (Sigh) , I survived it and am recuperating very well now. In fact past 3 days when I realised my vacation would be soon over, I panicked. Not because I was afraid to go back and work in office , but because I realised I wasted so much time just resting. I could have read books, wrote many more blogs, learnt many new things. Thats why past 3 days I haven’t slept. I have all these ideas in my mind. There is this energy which is growing , vibrating and there is this voice giving me so much information, so much that I feel a pinch of time in order to use them. And sometimes I get angry with myself, why did I waste so much time but the truth is most of the time I had very low energy. Energy enough to get through the daily chores. So I am going to be generous with myself and acknowledge myself for what I have accomplished and ask my guardian Angels to help me work on the pending items.

So here is summary of things I did in past 3 weekend

  • Learnt a lot about effective blogging and other online tools ( Pending : Implement some ideas ) 
  • Attended angel Healing Workshop ( Pending : To write about the experience )
  • Started using new Deck – Healing with Archangel Rafeal. ( Pending : To write Review about them)
  • Did Tarot Reading for 5 Clients
  • Did Regression for 3 Clients
  • Did Chakra Healing for 4 clients , including my first child client.
  • Reorganised my blog a bit ( Have about 50 more followers 🙂 )
  • Started working on my financial goals ( Pending : To complete the analysis )
  • Cooked three meals a day for 10 days… ( Proper meals, not sandwiches…lol )
  • Got my A/C , Refrigerator , Fans ect repaired ( Pending for 2 months )

and most importantly spend some precious time with my family and friends.

Tomorrow I am joining office back. Past 21 days was a lifetime memorable experience.

And yes alternative healing is much better…. he he…

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