Affirmations for Positive dreams

29 Jan

Do you often get nightmares? Do you have sleep disorders? Are you not able to recall your dreams?

Dreams are truly mystical, we see papers before exam or meet an old friend in dreams. When we are thirsty we find ourselves searching for water in dreams also. Sometimes we sleep like baby and sometimes keep twisting and turning. Many sages have spoken about getting messages in dreams. Many have Out of Body Experiences or do Astral Travel in dreams. These days Lucid Dreaming is also becoming very popular. Hence sharing some simple tips from Angel Dreams by Doreen Virtue.

You can use affirmations to set the tone of your night journeys. As you set the positive intention you give yourself permission to unlock the deeper meanings behind your dreams. Before going go bed choose one or all of the following affirmations and repeat until you feel the positive energy in your heart.

“My dreams are always peaceful and healing.”
“My dreams are for my highest good.”
“I enjoy dreaming, as it allows me to be more creative.”
“I carry my dream potential with me into wakefulness.”

And for more powerful healing experience:
“As I step across the threshold from this world into another, I open myself to magical journeys filled with amazing possibilities.”

Also you can keep a glass of water next to you before sleeping affirming that when you drink it in morning you shall remember everything.

And if you have some recurring dreams or see some symbols repetitively, they might hold some significance or message for you. You can contact me to decipher the same.

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