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Tarot Learning Workshop – 1st to 3rd May 2015

Just back from 6 days intense Family Constellation Training from Dr Newton Kondaveti. Proud to be a part of the batch of Soul Family which was chosen as first Family Constellators. I am so much feeling the flow and in gratitude would take some time to put in words.

Meanwhile, I launched my second Tarot Learning Workshop Level 1 in Hyderabad on 1st to 3rd May. This time few changes, instead of 2 days we would be having 2 and a half days workshop. Also would be introducing 2 Tarot Meditations instead of 1 as last time also we landed having two. Last day would be inviting all previous Tarot Readers friends @ Cosmic Healing to join in group discussion, Tarot Jam session and hand on practice.

Also price is reduced to Rs 11,000/- only. Group discount would get you another Rs 1000/- discount.

Check out earlier workshop details here :


Send me a mail at and will share the complete course sessions.

“Let Tarot be a guide to your day-to-day issues”



EMAIL ME or WhatsApp me or any further information @ 9985714012

Contact Us

* Venue : Madhapur || Banjara Hills
* Anyone who wants to repeat the course is welcome, reply back would let you know the charges.
Still thinking about it, find answers to all your questions in Tarot Learning FAQs

You can start your own practice and start earning within 1 month of Basic Course.

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Tarot Learning Workshop

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On 28 Feb and 1st April I had dream come true when with grace of God and Angels I was able to go first formal Tarot Learning Workshop. It was a great workshop with collaborative learning experience where everyone brainstormed and formed meanings of cards as a group.

This is quite different from traditional learning by book or just following rules. Though the true reason is I can’t remember rules myself :p, this unique way of learning helps to see the multi faceted cards from different dimensions. We also did a guided meditation to enter the world of Tarot and take journey inside the cards. It was great experience for many.

Each participant had deck almost two weeks before Workshop and were given 10 pre Workshop exercises to build their relationship with Tarot. So when we actually started the Workshop our level as a group was more than just a beginner. Also there were few who had been using decks on and off And could share their experiences and insights.

The group was so enthusiastic that they were able to learn not just one but two decks. Mostly people start their journey with Rider Waite deck but the reason I stressed on using one more deck and stressed on using Osho Deck was to broaden the view of Tarot, its symbol as multi disciplinary divinity tool.

Last but not least we did a loads of hands on practice with different spreads, 3 card, 5 card, situation analysis, personality prediction etc.

Woo I can go on and on. Though I am almost a month late in writing this article but it had been suppper busy lately.

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Interested in entering the world of Tarot.

Check out all the courses is


p style=”text-align:center;”>Also do join us on for next upcoming workshop!

Contact us or email at

Once again Thankyou Archangel Gabriel for being after me to work on my dream project!


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New Collection of Crystal Angels Figurine

Angels Crystal Figurines are small angels made out of crystals. We all know about crystals and their significance in healing. When crystals and Angel combine they create magic. They have made a lot of difference in my life since I got introduced to them and also to all my friends and friends. The beautiful shape and the wonderful vibration of the crystal make these powerful energy tools.

One of my friend whom I gave a Rose Quarts Angel shared that she was so emotional as soon as she had the angel in her hand and cried continuously. This helped her to release a lot of her pain and she felt comforted after some time.

One other client whom I gave Lapis Lazuli Angel started having heightened visions and Angelic communication.

Another of my client was very unclear confused related to career and shared that after having Clear Quarts Angel for some time he could sleep peacefully and felt very determined.

Similarly there is Angel in Green Aventurine for health , Purple Amethyst for fame and success , Yellow citrine for success in studies and career and Black Obsidian for grounding and protection.

I also have custom-made crystal Angels – Archangel Michael – Angel with a sword for protection, Archangel Raphael – Angel figurine with heart and Archangel Gabriel – Angel figurine with a child.

Checkout the new collection of crystal Angel figurine

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With Christmas around the corner invite Angels at your place read my earlier post about it. Crystal angel figurine are good option for giving your loved one a Christmas Gift too. If you are interested in buying or gifting the angel figurine for self or your dear ones, you may contact me via email or call me at +91-9985714012.

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Watch “Archangel Gabriel Meditation Clearing Creative Bl…” on YouTube

Archangel Gabriel Meditation Clearing Creative Bl…:

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Angelic Protection and Intervention

This I wrote last Saturday but was busy with exams, so sharing now.

I had a shocking experience today. I think it has a cosmic connection and I felt like sharing it. I was returning home from my M.B.A weekend class, which I left early today. As usual, I took an auto home and called my husband but his phone was busy. For the first time he didn’t call back immediately as his phone had only 3% battery. I messaged him that I left early and got an auto home. To pass the time waiting for his call I started using the Mythic Tarot App by The Fool’s Dog on my phone. ( Not spying 😉 )

I was so engrossed in the app that I forgot to inform the auto driver to take a turn which leads to my house. He would now have to take a u-turn now and i informed the same to him. As expected he started complaining but i still requested him to take the u-turn as it was quite late in night. He continued to argue and I told him if he doesn’t agree I would walk away without paying. Recently I had promised my husband not to get into argument with drivers at all cost. He didn’t budge, he stopped his auto and started fighting, I stepped out of the auto and started walking towards my place. I crossed the road with a heavy heart, completely confused, should I turn back and pay him? or should I punish him for his misdemeanor? I was so confused and wondered, would he curse me? or would I get bad karma? (Side effects of being a healer). I asked angels to guide me.

Suddenly I heard a screeching noise of car forcing sudden breaks. I turned and saw a man lying on the road and the car absconding the scene. The man had narrowly escaped a major accident. I felt I should go and help and saw many people had come to rescue the man ( all of a sudden on a previously deserted road ).

Anyways I started looking for the auto driver to pay him, and close the whole battle brewing in my mind. Suddenly I noticed that the accident victim was looking at me. It was dark and I started walking towards him for a better look and noticed him cursing me.  It was none other than the auto guy who just escaped an accident. I asked him if he was ok and started complaining. I told him that “your fight for Rs 10 would have cost you your life today. I requested you  to drop me home as it was late in night but you fought instead.” I felt sorry for him and ended up paying him square even. The people around advised the guy to take the money and scolded him that he shouldn’t have fought with a woman at night and should have dropped me home.  I felt guilty but I had not even raised my voice today 😦

As I started walking back, scared what if he had gotten hurt badly? Was it due to my high energies or Angelic intervention. An intervention to guide me on the path of integrity or to protect me at this night hour? I took a deep breath and within 2-3 minutes covered the uphill distance to my home which usually takes me 10 mins.

I reached home and received a text from my classmate that the teacher was looking for me. I had left the class early today for the first time and the teacher had noticed, I got caught! I guess that was an intervention for enforcing integrity too. 🙂

Came home and picked cards from Oracle Angel Deck and got the following cards.

Moon_CyclesLeadership Compassion





I always felt a connection with Archangel Gabriel and recently this was confirmed by a friend who did Angel Channeling Reading for me and channeled Archangel Gabriel for the first time. She informed me that Gabriel is always around me. I am glad today she protected me and guided me to complete with the guy. It is a Super Moon night today and hence the hightened energies. And now I should be compassionate and forgive myself and the auto guy to let go!

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Archangel Gabriel Channeling : Time is Now

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