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Find your life partner with help of Tarot vs Horoscope

Marriage and specially arranged one is more nerve wrecking than anyone can imagine.

So much of apprehension and anxiety around it.

Horoscope help you to score the overall match based on 8 categories
Varna (Work), Vasya (Dominance), Tara (Destiny), Yoni (Mentality), Maitri ( Friendships), Gana ( Basic insticts), Bhakoot (Love), Nadi (Health)
This would tell you detail about the nature of the persons individually and their attitude towards each other.
But horoscope can’t tell the little nuances which Tarot can like feelings, or after you had the first talk with that person what is he thinking.Is he/she really interested or just a compromise.
What does he feel about you?Would he call back!! Is he being honest about himself?
Even stuff like what to wear for the first meeting 🙂
Since you are in so much of mental turmoil sometimes simple choices about clothes can be a lot confusing!!
All in all  you are trying to see a suitable match where there would be happiness , love and peace
and Tarot can really  help!

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Using Tarot to Compare

“Let’s face it, there is always going to be somebody who is more beautiful,
more talented, stronger, more intelligent, or apparently happier than you are
And conversely, there will always be those who are less than you in all these ways.
The way to find out who you are is not by comparing yourself with others,
but by looking to see whether you are fulfilling your own potential in the best way you know how.”

As a human being we are constantly comparing and judging and in Tarot deck too, we have special cards that represent these two dominant thought processes of human being. It’s the way we are wired and the only way we can break free from it is getting present to it and Tarot helps you in that. When I do a card reading for myself and if these cards come, it’s like a flag to snap out. How can one compare a “Bamboo” and “Oak”?

Comparison between past and future, oneself with other or in any other form causes separation whereas everything in Universe is connected. But choice gives you power to choose and be free! Even after knowing it it’s so easy to start judging and comparing.

That’s why one of my first questions when I do a reading is to get the person’s state of mind. Besides telling what is running in the person’s mind is also helps me to ensure that Tarot are aligned for the reading.

And I must tell you, it’s amazing to know what’s actually running you!


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Can Tarot Actually Predict the Future ?

This is the first usual question people ask once you tell that you know “Tarot” , “can it actually tell the future?” Answer is both “No” and “Yes”, actually I don’t know what is the exact answer to it but I can only share my experiences with it. 

Yes , as lot of my friends have told me later specially those who don’t disclose their questions to me that what I told them did come out to be true.

No , as I think once I tell you that may be other person is hiding from you something and you start thinking in that direction , somehow using the power of the subconscious to manifest it to reality.

Or like if I tell you that you are travelling for sure. You must be asking about onsite opportunity, it might be you have to go home on an emergency, still you would be “travelling” hence it can be said that prediction was correct.

Mostly I believe Tarot tells the probability of things happening based on your choices which is linked with your current state of mind. As the choices changes, the future changes. Hence consider Tarot as an advisory which can help you to make most empowering choices.


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How to do Tarot for close friends and relatives?

Tarot is very powerful and if not used wisely can actually corrupt the whole purpose of it.
I have been doing Tarot for myself , my family and very close friends and it needs a lot of training to be unbiased and detached.

Hence , I follow an approach which has been quite helpful.
I tell my friends not to tell me the question , and I shall give a generalised prediction and they should try and relate.If  they can’t relate I ask them to remember what I said and later on we discuss it.

Recent I did this with one of my friend ( first time with her).Half way through I could understand what is she asking about. 🙂

She was happy and could really relate to the cards well!!


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Significance of same card repetition across the spreads

If a particular card comes again and again in various questions or spreads , it means that there is real significance of the card.
Consider that the card is telling you a something which is running your life in background , or it is giving you a message that you should really look into it.
Maybe there is something incomplete and once you accept it , it would open up the doors for you.

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My funda for Tarot Reading

“Ok! this is the most probable almost certain future based on current scenarios ,to experience and reach what I truly desires What needs to be caused! “

If we were not the creators of our own destiny and we could not peek into the future, GOD would not have endowed us with such capabilities and tools.


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