Affirmation for Manifesting Money

28 Jan

I found this on internet and couldn’t resist to share with you guys.

” I know that everything is made of God and money also comes from that loving source, and I intend that an abundance of money is coming to me and I intend that I now have an unlimited supply of money in my life. There is plenty of Money to go around and I feel wonderful when I receive this money. Every time that I receive more money into my life I feel overjoyed!

I intend that I am inviting an abundance of money into my life now! I am inviting Money in. I intend that I am now a money magnet and I draw an abundance of money to me today, tomorrow, all this week, all this month and every day thereafter! I intend that I find money when I am walking; money is being attracted to my bank account; I receive an abundance of money through my work and passions in life; and there are unlimited and miraculous ways in which money appears into my life! Thank You Money for coming into my life! I am open to you and I receive you! Thank you for making my life easier and better!”

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Posted by on January 28, 2014 in Angel Card Reading, Angels, Tarot


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