Angel Hosting at your place

20 Dec
Angel Hosting at your place

Last month 21st Nov I was nominated by my friend Kanak Kabra – Certified Angel Card Reader and Angelic Channel, to do Angel Hosting at my place. This is something which has been going on since 2008 and you can find more about it  here by Tree McKenna Cinque . Also one of my friend Suvarna Avvari – Angel Card Reader and Inner Child Therapist wrote a detailed blog about it here.

So basically for 5 days you host angles at your place. For that you clean your house, create a simple altar (holy place) for them, you invite them in and on 5th day nominate your friends where they shall go next. The five days are for you to try to communicate with them, meditate retrospect or just feel extremely peaceful.

For me the last one was profoundly noticeable as soon as I invited them in. Felt like a pause button is pressed for me and its time to de-stress and relax. Like there is no reason to fret or be tensed – “all is well”.

The friends I nominated have different experiences. Some had visions, some could feel a powerful presence of divine beings and some had fights resolved. It is slowly becoming popular to a whole group of Reiki practitioners in Hyderabad. Glad to be of service.

Some pics of altars for Angel Hosting by myself and my friends :

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If any one is interested please contact t me at

Thanks Kanak Kabra once more..

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