Happy Valentines Day Week

10 Feb


I remember this use to be most looked forward week in my school and college days. I use to celebrate each day with friends and some special friends too 😉

This time I am busy preparing for my Heart Healing Workshop instead. I guess Shaadi ke side effects. LOLZ


This workshop is not only for ROMANTIC relationships, but any relationship for that matter.


Thank goodness someone called me up while watching a movie and told about PLR. Since the academy was nearby, I just went to the academy and register for the course next day. I am not sure why I went for the course but I attended just with a ray of hope. It was miraculous for me to get up in morning and reach the venue also as I use to spend night talking over phone or crying. The first day I couldn’t see much but got aware of New Age Philosophy of Karma Theory. Next day I started seeing glimpses of past life mostly with my husband. I was ecstatic and shared with my people and all said I was just making it up. Still looking for answers I went for the 6 days residential course, for which I had to break some FD’s to finance it.

When me and my husband were struggling to convince our parents for inter-religion, inter-cast LOVE marriage I was looking for help everywhere. We were so madly in love that this had broken us very deeply. We were unable to move in any direction. We had been in relationship before but this time we just couldn’t accept not being part of each other’s life. I was more adamant to break this pattern. Logically we understood my parent’s point of views but my heart was not ready to accept. I remember I used to break down while coding on my desk and my team mates used to ping my husband ( then boy-friend ) asking to come and handle me. It was very difficult and it became more confusing for both of us when I used to get the so- called perfect IIT-IIM profiles. Who would not want an easy safe option? But, we believe in paving our own way. Those 6 days away from my husband, though physically away ,but meeting him almost 10 life times in Past Lives was so powerful. It made my belief so strong that yes I can trust him fully. In many of those past lives we were unable to marry to due to separate religion. I was confuse are we supposed to repeat those patterns or complete it. I also saw many life times related to my parents and in-laws. Understood the “WHY” behind all this. When we meet past life companion it’s not so easy to just let go.

There I was introduced to Angel Therapy by a co-participant. She was also a good Tarot Reader and yapped about how we can all invoke angels and ask their help to heal our relationships. I used to think we really cant change our destiny and only “special” people can talk t higher beings but this new information was liberating. Though she also predicted that chances of success are only 2 % I was more determined than ever.

In workshop we were taught how to “Connect with our masters” and that opened the channel for me. Upon returning I studied Angel Therapy religiously and practiced it. Those days there were only few therapist in India and I remember that I took some sessions from USA and paid in dollars. I use to regularly meditate, “Clear and Balance my Chakras” and started talking to Guardian Angels of my husband, parents, in-laws and did “Forgiveness- Giving and Receiving” and had powerful results. My parents agreed in just 11 days 😀 and my in laws had change of heart in 21 days.

I did Tarot Spells for self to “Call in my soul mate” and bless my marriage with my husband (if it’s for our highest good of course )

With my husband I shared all my past live experiences and he was able to relate with them. Under guidance of Dr Newton I worked on how we can break those past life patterns and created our marriage (date fixed) in just 40 days of the mandala mediation period.


I created this workshop consolidating all therapies I used to “CREATE MY MARRIAGE” for anyone out there having any issues related to love, marriage, parents, in-laws, friends, siblings etc. Usually each taking each session on weekends will take up to 3 months and would be time consuming and financially draining. Here, in just 1 say you can do all. If you want to discuss more about is this for you please write me an email.

Also many of our problems are also rooted in our Chakras and Emotions. Specially auto-immune disease, before age diseases and other hormonal issues, I would also be dealing with in this workshop.

 If you want to discuss more about is this for you please write me an email at

ONLY 5 seats left for workshop hence HURRY UP!

If you have been looking to buy gifts for your loved ones I would advise to go through the post about  2 yrs back for this

Valentines Day Gift – Beware of what not to give!

This is based on INDIAN or Vedic version of Signs. Like whom should you gift roses or chocolates. Whom not to gift watches or electronic stuff. If you are interested to know based on Western version check Keens blog.

Also we would be running our usual Angel Card Reading offer using Romance Angel Cards @ 20% discount

Contact me for a complete relationship analysis reading now


#TheCosmicHealing #ShubhsTarot


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