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Most fulfilling Long Weekend

How does it feels when you plan a long weekend and before it could start miss a bus and forced to cancel the plan! Pretty bad I guess.

My husband was suppose to come to Hyderabad for this long weekend and he happened to miss his bus. He called me up to tell me what happened and fortunately I was sitting with a Tarot Reading client so couldn’t react emotionally! Moreover I had my deck in my hand and immediately took out a card which was none other than most infamous Tower Card.


Poor me ! What can a wife do when as a reader she gets a Tower card? So as I tenured reader I advised him to cancel his travel. Penalty I pay every time I miss doing a tarot reading before booking tickets for “how my travel would be ?”  😦

Before I could get to brood about failed plans, something else was stored for me. 

I got two students enrolled for Advanced Tarot Learning Course for these 3 days. Morning I would teach one over Skype for 3-4 hours and then evening teach another one face to face at my place. In these three days I covered so many things for them like from Basics revision to Enhancing your Tarot Intuition, Advanced Spreads, Making your own spreads, Mixing decks, Angel and Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Affirmations.

Oh the fun of teaching and sharing! Yesterday it was almost 6 hours grueling class. I let the course take its own path and customize based on students interest and ability.

I also got introduced to three new decks : Life Purpose Oracle , Sacred Indian Tarot and Mary- el – Tarot

Look forward for their reviews.

Along with all this I could fix my website domain-hosting connection and is LIVE now !! (Still need to work on content). Also the PayPal button’s image on this blog is fixed. Both of the above task I had given up on almost a year back. It feels so great to apply software technical skills somewhere outside work 😉

Oh besides all this, I am on 10 days Jains Das Lakshan parva fasting too. 

Oh its 6 am got to sleep. Lots of sharing coming up this week, stay tuned.


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Tarot Spells and Affirmations

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Last month I had written a post on Tarot Spells FAQ, and had a wonderful event at my home/center with few of my friends and clients.

One of my client who was looking for job or work from past 3 years and got a work assignment on the third day of doing the spell. He was a novice, did not have any expectations or pre-notions about Spells. He just followed the instructions like a child and it worked wonders for him.

One of my close friend also had a great experience when her boyfriend called, within 2 days of doing the spell to reconcile after a fight. She was delighted and quite happy.

Spells do not work in our desired favour always. They are more like powerful positive affirmations for what is best for us and inline with our higher purpose.

We may ask to clear a job interview and we don’t clear it. This is what happened with me when my cards fell during a spell and I knew what I am asking for is not in sync with my life’s purpose and higher goals. Though I got a second chance ( highly unlikely) for the same company but I declined as I felt that it would complicate my life more. Later, I had a very vivid dream informing me that offer was like entering a snakes den.

Another of my close friend was upset as her emotions were so heightened after doing the spell that she cried for days, but after that could easily let go of a suffering relationship

If things have to work in favour they would within few days, if not you would get clear messages and signs which would help you to make the choice.

Spells gives us the clarity and hint of the bigger picture,what we always crave for.

I inculcate both Tarot and Angels to do Spells and also create Spells specific to your needs.

So here I invite all of you to try Tarot Spells to invoke Magick in your life.

NOTE: This Friday 19-07-2013 and Sunday 21-07-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested, please contact me at 91-9985714012 or email at

PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against anyone’s will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

Hurry up limited slots!

Still Undecided…. Call me !!


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Tarot Spells FAQ


Spells ~ Magic ~ Witches, you think of one thing and correlate with other too along with a image of big black cauldron with boiling oil and a woman with long hair putting some herbs in it on a special moon night and casting spells.

But I would disappoint you when I say Spell are another form of meditation. My personal experience with them is that its gives a sense of invoking Magic in your life. I have used them personally and believe me you should be very careful of what you ask for, what if it actually comes true !

Here are some often asked questions about Tarot Spells to help you get rid of your jitters.

What are Tarot Spells? 
I consider them as a rituals which help you to focus on what you want, release want is needed and manifest your desires.

How can we do them ?
Tarot Spells would have few basic ingredients like Candles , Oils , Tarot Cards, Crystals
and other special ingredients based on what spell is it.

What all Spells can be done ?
From famous Love Spell ( attract love , not force anyone to love you :-)), to spells for resolving disputes,
attracting opportunities, passing interview, performing better in exams, self empowerment , self-protection
and many more.

When can we do them ?
Mostly moon cycle is followed for doing them like Full Moon night , Ekadashi‘s etc.

Can anybody do them ?
Yes , only you be open towards it and really ready to accept divine help and guidance.

What if something happen during the spell ?
Things like candle dropping etc might happen during the ritual. Do not worry that might be an sign that time is not now for manifestation of your desires and symbolically represent
approaching hindrances. We can repeat the spell 3 times , but if it fails repeatedly its better to
quit. At that time you would get clear messages of why it happened and what to expect next.

When can we expect the results of the spell ?
It takes up to 3-21 days for results be visible. Sometimes, things might go in opposite way indicating
that whatever was hidden from you has surfaced to give you clarity

NOTE: This Friday 21-06-2013 and Sunday 23-06-2013 are very good days for performing spells. In case you are interested please contact me at 9985714012 or email at

PS: I do not promote or help anyone in casting spells on other people as we should not work against anyone’s will. Also I can not help you in doing any sorts of dark or black magic.

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