Most fulfilling Long Weekend

01 Sep

How does it feels when you plan a long weekend and before it could start miss a bus and forced to cancel the plan! Pretty bad I guess.

My husband was suppose to come to Hyderabad for this long weekend and he happened to miss his bus. He called me up to tell me what happened and fortunately I was sitting with a Tarot Reading client so couldn’t react emotionally! Moreover I had my deck in my hand and immediately took out a card which was none other than most infamous Tower Card.


Poor me ! What can a wife do when as a reader she gets a Tower card? So as I tenured reader I advised him to cancel his travel. Penalty I pay every time I miss doing a tarot reading before booking tickets for “how my travel would be ?”  😦

Before I could get to brood about failed plans, something else was stored for me. 

I got two students enrolled for Advanced Tarot Learning Course for these 3 days. Morning I would teach one over Skype for 3-4 hours and then evening teach another one face to face at my place. In these three days I covered so many things for them like from Basics revision to Enhancing your Tarot Intuition, Advanced Spreads, Making your own spreads, Mixing decks, Angel and Tarot Card Reading, Tarot Affirmations.

Oh the fun of teaching and sharing! Yesterday it was almost 6 hours grueling class. I let the course take its own path and customize based on students interest and ability.

I also got introduced to three new decks : Life Purpose Oracle , Sacred Indian Tarot and Mary- el – Tarot

Look forward for their reviews.

Along with all this I could fix my website domain-hosting connection and is LIVE now !! (Still need to work on content). Also the PayPal button’s image on this blog is fixed. Both of the above task I had given up on almost a year back. It feels so great to apply software technical skills somewhere outside work 😉

Oh besides all this, I am on 10 days Jains Das Lakshan parva fasting too. 

Oh its 6 am got to sleep. Lots of sharing coming up this week, stay tuned.


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One response to “Most fulfilling Long Weekend

  1. Yasha

    September 2, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Nice one.


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