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Sleepless In Night, Try These Tips

GoodNightSleepRaphealI meet a lot of people during my practice who complain about they are unable to sleep. Sometime when I am using my ‘Rapheal Healing Oracle Cards’  I would get the above card for them. I myself have faced a lot of sleep issues. My mom use to give me a big glass of milk with chocolate before sleeping daily, to help me to sleep better.

There can be various reasons for being unable to sleep at night. Some of the well known factors are:

  1. Stress and Anxiety : Anxious about getting up early the next day or worried about something! This is the most common reason for people to unable to sleep
  2. Screwed up Sleep cycle : Not maintaining a sleep cycle , getting up late one day , sleeping early the other. This tends to confuse the body clock; should it sleep or be awake
  3. Sensitive to Moon Cycles : Many people are sensitive to moon cycle and they are not aware of it. They would have varying energy level especially on Full Moon and New Moon nights or during lunar eclipse. Best way to deal with it is the knowledge that its common and light a candle and meditate.
  4. Simply Nocturnal : Like me you may be a night person and have high-efficiency and creativity levels during night. The whole world would suggest getting up early is very important, but I guess this is our nature. Stop criticizing yourself for that and accept it. If you sleep late then you would get up after 7-8 hours only. Hence, don’t put early alarms and self- criticise, procrastinate every time you snooze it. Accept it and plan your schedules accordingly. ( BTW I do yoga also at night sometimes…he he )

Besides the above stated reasons there are several other causes but lets focus on how to get around it and SLEEP !

  1. If you get nightmares at night, keep a Knife/ Holy Cross/ Om under your mattress.
  2. Mostly everyone experiences Astral Travel during sleep and feel thirsty post it. Hence, keep a glass of water next to your bed always.
  3. Have a spoon of yogurt or curd before sleeping.
  4. Keep a hand on your stomach and feel it breathing in and out. As your mind becomes in synch with your breath you tend to relax and sleep.
  5. Count backwards from 100 – 1, as your mind gets tired it allows your body to relax.
  6. Read a book during bed time. Pick the most boring book like Macbeth” , this book has always delivered 🙂

Last the most powerful method is for asking angel’s help to Sleep

” To My Creator / Dear God,

Please help me to get a restful and sound sleep tonight. I ask for a Archangel Michael to be present around me to protect my house and myself. 

I am willing to release all my cares and worries to You and the angels. I love you and trust you to guide me to my spiritual path.

Please send some comforting angels to my side so that I may enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

Thank You!”

Imagine yourself to be cocooned in a white light from head to toe.

Shh!! You are sleeping now, Good night 🙂

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