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New Moon night or Amavasya effect on our energies

We all have heard about effects of moon on earth. We have also seen scenes in movie depicting full moon or new moon nights.

According to Hindu mythology raj-tama energies or dark energies are on their heights on new moons. Hence,  ghosts, spirits and other dark energies gets activated. People engaged in occult rituals would know its significance and many rituals are performed tonight.

But how does it effect people like you and me. I think it does effect the dark side in each one of us. I know a lot of people who would get emotional or aggressive on new moon night. I have also seen people fall sick or cough profusely the whole night and by morning they are fine.

For some of us like me , it’s a sleepless night. It is a good night to meditate, notice your thoughts and stay home 🙂

It also a good time to do certain types of Tarot Spells and do releasing Guided meditation. Light your candle say your prayers and try and sleep!

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