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Merry Christmas and 2013 recap


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers and this holiday season you have fun-filled divine time.

As 2013 comes to an end and everyone has holiday plans let just take a moment and recap.

Personally I can never forget this year as I got hitched. Yes , after gazillion affirmations and prayers I got married to my lover on 14th November 2013 and I am so happy. :-). Oh I am dying to share my love story , shall share soon ūüėÄ

Like every year I will have my 2013 goals miss and hit list in the next blog. Meanwhile contemplate¬†how was the year 2013 for you so far? Remember “it ain’t over yet”.

Check out your Sun Signs Tarot Predictions for 2013 and let me know how much it came true for you. Awaiting your comments!

In 2014 I am launching an all new Tarot and Angel Card Learning Course. To book your seats email me at or call me at 9985714012.

Last don’t forget to light a candle and say your affirmation to Thank God and Angels.

Let the fun begin…Ho Ho Ho!!

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Tarot Reading for Self


Doing Tarot Reading for one-self is quite different in comparison to doing for others. One of the major reason being you are the one who is asking ¬†the question and you only¬†answer them :-). Also it might lead to a series of questions which I like to call as “cascading effect”.

Eg, You are asking should you do A or B , or how would A choice be for you than B choice.You get a Four of Cups for A and 2 of Wands for B. As soon as you see Four of Wands you get inquisitive and want to know why? What would cause that situation? Who all are trying to influence you? and there you go ( ignoring the 2OW) …before you know you have most of the cards out and left more confused than before.

Hence 6 important tips for doing Tarot for Self

  1. Keep a notepad or writing pad with pen / pencil handy. A personal diary would be best.
  2. Write all your questions before doing Tarot.
  3. Beside the each question write the Tarot cards you picked up for that question. You may also write your understanding and interpretation but mentioning the cards is vital. You may use abbreviations for eg 2OW ( 2 of wands ) , KOS ( King of Swords ) etc.
  4. Note the date of reading, anything special about that day to remember by.
  5. Note the Tarot Deck you used too.
  6. Read the questions and answers once before closing the reading and if anything is unclear pick a card for gaining more clarity.

You may also record the reading session.

Following the above would avoid you to fall into the trap where you keep on taking out cards till you get the answer you want! You can always come back and read your predictions for self after some days and analyse them, then you may realise the significance of noting down the exact cards for each question. As maybe when you were doing the reading you were so emotional and missed some important signs.

These are very basic but essential things to remember while doing Tarot for One-Self, else like in the picture above you would have most of the cards out and no clear answer!


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