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Dealing with Death

Death is inevitable. We are timeless being. We have lived before and we shall live again. Though we know this we have to deal with Death

1) Death of oneself
2) Death of near ones.

Both are based on fears, fear of death, fear of its consequences, fear of loosing loved ones….
Death of near ones is more terrifying than facing one’s own death. It has several obligations attached to it including expressing the pain to others.

My grandfather (Moms father) expired yesterday. Hid name was Gyan Chandra Jain. Like his name he was very knowledgeable man. He was 84 years old and in spite of being unwell he use to do shees asana daily. He was a farmer by profession had won many awards in agricultural field but his heart was in empowering down trodden people by education. He ran school for underprivileged children trying to provide them education in English. He also trained all his farm workers were trained to use signatures instead of thumb print. On day of his demise 24 institutions were closed as an homage to him.

He was quite proud of me when I use to play basketball at school as he was great in sports too. I remember he use to tell various Jain spiritual tales when we were young. I also tried learning Sanskrit from him once but failed.  : (

When my mom got information about he being serious she rushed to Jabalpur by early morning flight and as she reached hospital, he kept hand on her head and passed away. As if he was waiting to meet her only.I had called mom exactly that time and somehow knew he would leave us.

I have experienced Past Life Regression and do for others. I know soul are timeless and he is always with us from some dimension. This knowledge helped me to deal with his death.

I love him and am proud of him, I wished could have had his “antim darshan”  but the body was not in condition to keep.We used to call him Bapu Ji and in reality also he was man of values and integrity. I have always been proud of him.


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