Flower Therapy Oracle Cards

31 Jan

I can’t sleep without sharing the wonderful experience I had today. Yesterday night before sleeping I was reading the magical book my Doreen called “Laws of Abundance” and read a page on “Delay Tactics”. It reminded me that I was procrastinating buying the ” Flower Deck” and resolved to order as soon as I reach office the next day.

I had a deep sleep where I slept in only one position. On waking up in morning,  the door bell rang after few minutes. I got a courier from Flipkart. I was expecting the “Life Purpose Deck” my friend Nayan gifted me for my birthday. So assuming it was that I left it and got busy with getting ready to catch my office cab. Just before leaving I had an urge to open it up and show to my husband that I received a gift, to my surprise it was “Flower Therapy” deck instead of “Life purpose”. I was in awe of Law of attraction. Like did I create that or it was synchronicity….

I left and whole way to office, I kept on noticing flowers, which BTW I had been noticing past few days, yellow tulips, bougainville in shades of red, yellow and purple…I was wondering its just me noticing now or is it actually just early blooming season or as Doreen say as in life its all of the above. 🙂


I know the picture is little dark as my hubby is sleeping. I did a reading for self


I picked out 21 cards for myself in fact I think when I was clearing the Deck itself few cards stuck on created clusters. I just separated them and laid them out as above. I got such a powerful channelled message by juat forming sentences of the card titles. Its so beautiful that I would share that in my next post.

In fact I was expecting first card to be white Rose for Purification which Robert Reeves, creator of the Deck and accredited naturopath talk about in his free introduction video on I guess I did a good purification few days back following his videos. You can check them out too.

So friends, are you also attracted to flowers lately. Has anyone had experience with this deck? Any naturopath or herbioligiat out their want to share your experiences, please post a comment. I am open and looking forward to hear from you.

Eyes drooping now..good night.

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Posted by on January 31, 2015 in Tarot


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