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22 Jan

Today is of the another very productive day, in fact I should say night as its New Moon Crescent tonight in India and New Moon in many western countries, so another highly creative and energetic experience for me. I have wrote few blogs about my experiences with New Moon night.

Our blog or should I say website is now Yay!!


The moon energy is highly feminine and receptive. Though in India we often call moon – “Chanda Mama” – Uncle as in mothers brother. “Chandani” which means moon’s light is considered female and often used to praise eternal beauty. “Chand and its Chandani” are often used in classic Indian poems, lullabies for children and popular Bollywood songs. I remember when I was a child I use to stare at moon and communicate with it which I think we all have done at some point or other. Different moon phases have different significance in almost all traditional and spiritual religious texts.

New Moon or “amavasya” is considered inauspicious in Indian context as many lower energies get activated in the absence of moon light. But in many western and wiccan cultures New Moon stands for new beginnings and many rituals and spells are performed to attract new job or start a new project. I as usual take the middle path; since I am unable to sleep on New moon or Full moon nights due to heightened energy levels I restore to writing or meditating. On night of crescent moon when the new moon lining starts I do my affirmations or Tarot Spells or launch new projects.

So today I shifted the domain of this blog to more easy to rememeber and share http://www.tarotindia.inAlso I am launching a new beginners Tarot Learning course using Osho Zen Tarot Deck.

OshoLearning (2)


All sessions would be on weekends or long weekends only.

For detailed course details and BOOKING A SEAT call 9985714012 or email at

On the ending note, if you are sleepless like me tonight check my post here about it. Also, I am curious to know your experiences with moon. Have you ever noticed any mood swings or getting into high illogical arguments or felling like crying for some deep unknown sorrow ? Or you are more aggressive, have creative ideas and experience lucid dreaming tonight. Do share your thought and feelings in comments below.

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