Get your money back

04 Jul

Today is a great day for me as I got money from 3 places which was due for over a year.

1. My internet connection guy had to return some odd Rs 255 to me, which i have escalated several time to vain.

2. I had bought some apparel worth Rs 899 from Reebok store and had returned due to size issue and then they didn’t have my size for over 6 months, after which their MD got arrested and they stopped procurement. I had lost all hopes to get my money back or my size. I remember threatening them to go to consumer court to which he had replied sarcastically – “Our MD is already behind bars, do what you can ?”

Yesterday I saw sale advertisement in same store, called them up and they said “Yes, we have your size we have kept it aside for you please come and collect”.  Wow! I reached the store found the apparel and it was in the color I wanted.

3. Last I found some money in one of my dormant account which I used to use in college.

And on top of that I did do some shopping and got great deals ..YAY!!

So what did I do to get this?

Just a small affirmation which I read in one of the Doreen Virtue books:

” I give all my worries regarding finance and money to my Angels and Trust them to guide me and support me. I release all my fears to you and am aware that you are at the source of everything, you are the provider and You bestow your blessings on me. Thank you ! “

I guess I needed to learn this prayer to get my money back. That was my lesson 🙂 What’s your’s?

Have you tried any affirmation lately and got some amazing results? Do share your experience specially after using the above one!

Watch out will share more affirmations in coming posts!

Contact me for writing affirmations for specific issues @ 9985714012

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