Last 21 days

04 Mar

I had not share this before but I had a surgery on 4th Feb 2013 . The first surgery of my life. I was told I would be well , up on my feet and back to work from 4-7 days. Its 21st day today and still I feel little frail and drained out. This past month have been amazing as I got to see a vulnerable side of myself and love of people who really care about me. Specially those 4 hours after surgery when you can not even have water, I can vouch for it, its traumatizing. Your body is in shock , you can not move even if you want to ( due to local anaesthesia ).

Anyway (Sigh) , I survived it and am recuperating very well now. In fact past 3 days when I realised my vacation would be soon over, I panicked. Not because I was afraid to go back and work in office , but because I realised I wasted so much time just resting. I could have read books, wrote many more blogs, learnt many new things. Thats why past 3 days I haven’t slept. I have all these ideas in my mind. There is this energy which is growing , vibrating and there is this voice giving me so much information, so much that I feel a pinch of time in order to use them. And sometimes I get angry with myself, why did I waste so much time but the truth is most of the time I had very low energy. Energy enough to get through the daily chores. So I am going to be generous with myself and acknowledge myself for what I have accomplished and ask my guardian Angels to help me work on the pending items.

So here is summary of things I did in past 3 weekend

  • Learnt a lot about effective blogging and other online tools ( Pending : Implement some ideas ) 
  • Attended angel Healing Workshop ( Pending : To write about the experience )
  • Started using new Deck – Healing with Archangel Rafeal. ( Pending : To write Review about them)
  • Did Tarot Reading for 5 Clients
  • Did Regression for 3 Clients
  • Did Chakra Healing for 4 clients , including my first child client.
  • Reorganised my blog a bit ( Have about 50 more followers 🙂 )
  • Started working on my financial goals ( Pending : To complete the analysis )
  • Cooked three meals a day for 10 days… ( Proper meals, not sandwiches…lol )
  • Got my A/C , Refrigerator , Fans ect repaired ( Pending for 2 months )

and most importantly spend some precious time with my family and friends.

Tomorrow I am joining office back. Past 21 days was a lifetime memorable experience.

And yes alternative healing is much better…. he he…

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One response to “Last 21 days

  1. hemanth

    March 4, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Resting never be a waste of time, go rest to the body allows to pick your energy back.


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