Check out my new banner for Tarot Reading event in Vizag

22 Dec


I am travelling to Vizag a.k.a Vishakapatnam ( Andhara Pradesh ) today for a Tarot Reading event and need to design a banner for the event. One of the reason this is important because I don’t want people to come and ask about “Parrot” reading instead and start fiddling with my cards. Its 5 a.m. in morning I am trying my first hand in Photoshop and also trying to remember paint brush 🙂 . Eventually I ask my creative Archangel to come and help me and thanks to them I could finish this in time and email the event management company for print. I am happy with what I came up with in such a short time…it seems professional and attractive!

I am very excited for this as this is one of the star attraction event , I would have to handle crowd of about 200-300 people for 4-5 hours. I am more concerned about my voice as even if I do for 30 people I would have to explain each one of them about Tarot , what to ask , what not to ask …. that’s why I put some regular common questions in the banner. Hope this time this helps 🙂

Moreover I have to travel alone as none of my friends could get a leave and my dear buddy had dogs to take care of ! I am planning to visit Aruku on Monday, which is part of Nilgiri Hills. Last time when I was in Vizag I couldn’t go but this time I would go anyhow !

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