21 Dec
Universe Celebrating new begining

Universe Celebrating new begining

This is the latest picture from NASA Hubble Space …. As mentioned on there website
‘Tis the season for holiday decorating and tree-trimming. Not to be left out, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have photographed a festive-looking nearby planetary nebula called NGC 5189. The intricate structure of this bright gaseous nebula resembles a glass-blown holiday ornament with a glowing ribbon entwined.
Today is the most awaited day of centuries. This day has significance in The Bible , Mayans , Hindu Scriptures and many other important religious doctrines. I have been reading a lot about this day on-line , the ascension , other sun, another planet , portal opening for people to travel , you would be judged on your Karma till now and what not. Out of all the last one did make sense and was also concerned about Karma count of myself and my near and dear ones. I was informed that meditators and gurus from around the world have assembled in Mayan Island from past few weeks and doing group meditation to Save the Earth 🙂 .
Then there were messages from any spiritual scholars that this is indeed important day and from now on people’s understanding of life and universe would increase. All the people who are tuned to this frequency of awareness would become more and more aware. People intuitive power would increase. People would start appreciating family , relationship work over greed , money and power. I hope that happens and if so many spiritually ascended souls are saying so their affirmation would have so much power that this would be so.
Honestly past few weeks has been tremendous on my spiritual journey. I could get connected to my lost purpose of life. I met amazing people who were all in similar space.
I am ready to grow, learn and explore and I know Angles , Master and Guides are with me!
As in the picture above ,  I think Universe is also celebrating the new beginning , ready to grow and explore.
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